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69 Juan M Etchechoury

Ranked Juan M Etchechoury Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2019-09-22Sankalpa ARG3filly110Gran Premio Seleccion de Potrancas13-y-oFilliesLa PlataARG2200DirtStandardFabricio R BarrosoTrue CauseTres Marias
2019-05-01Joy Epifora ARG3filly18Gran Premio Jorge de Atucha12-y-oFilliesPalermoARG1650DirtStandardIvan E MonasteroloFortifyLa Nora
2019-10-12Roman Joy ARG3colt112Gran Premio Jockey Club13-y-oOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfHeavyEduardo Ortega PavonFortifyHaras El Angel De Venecia
2019-05-25Ivar BRZ3colt111Gran Premio Gran Criterium12-y-oColts and geldingsSan IsidroARG1760TurfSoftJose Aparecido da SilvaAgnes GoldStud Rdi
2019-06-29Joy Epifora ARG3filly111Gran Premio Estrellas Juvenile Fillies12-y-oFilliesPalermoARG1760DirtStandardIvan E MonasteroloFortifyLa Nora
2019-09-07Glorious Moment ARG4colt19Gran Premio General San Martin14-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2640TurfGoodAltair DomingosTreasure BeachLas Monjitas
2019-06-29Ivar BRZ3colt111Gran Premio Estrellas Juvenile12-y-oColts and geldingsPalermoARG1760DirtStandardAdrian M GiannettiAgnes GoldStud Rdi
2019-05-25Glorious Moment ARG4colt215Gran Premio 25 de Mayo13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2640TurfSoftJorge A RicardoTreasure BeachLas Monjitas
2019-09-07Roman Joy ARG3colt211Gran Premio Polla de Potrillos13-y-oColtsPalermoARG1760DirtStandardEduardo Ortega PavonFortifyHaras El Angel De Venecia
2019-08-03French Twist ARG3colt316Gran Premio Dos Mil Guineas13-y-oColts and geldingsSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodGonzalo E BellocqHeliostaticLas Monjitas
2019-10-26Fantasioso ARG4horse29Gran Premio Copa de Oro14-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2640TurfGoodRodrigo G BlancoStrategic PrinceChelsea
2019-11-09Don Empeno ARG3colt410Gran Premio Palermo13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1760DirtFastFabricio R BarrosoExchange RateSan Benito
2019-09-07Joy Epifora ARG3filly28Gran Premio Polla de Potrancas13-y-oFilliesPalermoARG1760DirtStandardIvan E MonasteroloFortifyLa Nora
2019-12-08Sankalpa ARG3filly210Gran Premio Copa de Plata13-y-o and upFillies and maresSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodFabricio R BarrosoTrue CauseTres Marias
2019-02-02Fantasioso ARG4colt311Gran Premio Miguel Alfredo Martinez de Hoz13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodRodrigo G BlancoStrategic PrinceChelsea
2019-12-08Joy Epifora ARG3filly310Gran Premio Copa de Plata13-y-o and upFillies and maresSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodIvan E MonasteroloFortifyLa Nora
2019-12-14French Twist ARG3colt718Gran Premio Joaquin S de Anchorena13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodGonzalo E BellocqHeliostaticLas Monjitas
2019-12-14Heavy Love ARG4horse918Gran Premio Joaquin S de Anchorena13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodAdrian M GiannettiManipulatorStud Rdi
2019-08-03Sankalpa ARG3filly810Gran Premio Mil Guineas13-y-oFilliesSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodFabricio R BarrosoTrue CauseTres Marias
2019-05-25Roman Joy ARG3colt211Gran Premio Gran Criterium12-y-oColts and geldingsSan IsidroARG1760TurfSoftGonzalo E BellocqFortifyHaras El Angel De Venecia