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65 Francisco L Fernandes

Ranked Francisco L Fernandes Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingSireOwnerTrainer
2018-05-25Touch Of Pink ARG3filly18Premio de Potrancas12-y-oFilliesSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodHeliostaticEl Chesco ViejoLuciano J De La Calle
2017-11-04Halo Holiday ARG3filly115Gran Premio Enrique Acebal13-y-oFilliesSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodHarlan's HolidayFirmamentoJuan C Etchechoury
2019-05-25Pure Nelson ARG5horse115Gran Premio 25 de Mayo13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2640TurfSoftMount NelsonParque PatriciosHugo A Azcurra
2019-09-07Mirinaque ARG3colt111Gran Premio Polla de Potrillos13-y-oColtsPalermoARG1760DirtStandardHurricane CatParque Patricios Racing StablesMaria Cristina Munoz
2018-10-25Emotion Orpen ARG3colt110Gran Premio Provincia de Buenos Aires13-y-oColts and filliesLa PlataARG2420DirtStandardOrpenFirmamentoIgnacio Lopez
2019-06-29Expressive Smart ARG5horse110Gran Premio Estrellas Mile13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1760DirtStandardExpressive HaloEl Clan CorrientesMaria Fernanda Alvarez
2017-09-24Halo Holiday ARG3filly19Seleccion de Potrancas13-y-oFilliesLa PlataARG2200DirtStandardHarlan's HolidayFirmamentoJuan C Etchechoury
2019-10-22Australis Cheeky ARG3colt17Gran Premio Provincia de Buenos Aires13-y-oOpenLa PlataARG2420DirtStandardInteractionHaras FuturoLucas F Gaitan
2018-09-01Tiger Feet ARG4colt19Gran Premio General San Martin14-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2640TurfGoodCampanologistTramo 20Gustavo E Romero
2019-05-01Perro Callejero ARG3colt18Gran Premio Montevideo12-y-oOpenPalermoARG1650DirtStandardQue Vida BuenaEl DoctorSergio L Carezzana
2018-07-09Adora Nistel ARG5mare19Gran Premio Estrellas Distaff13-y-o and upFillies and maresPalermoARG2200DirtMuddyVan NistelrooyFirmamentoJuan C Etchechoury
2018-07-09The Great Day ARG4colt111Gran Premio Estrellas Classic13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2200DirtMuddyHarlan's HolidayFirmamentoJuan C Etchechoury
2018-12-15Dar La Paz ARG3colt221Gran Premio Joaquin S de Anchorena - Internacional13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfHeavyRoman RulerSanta ElenaLucas F Gaitan
2017-10-14The Great Day ARG3colt213Gran Premio Jockey Club13-y-oOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfSoftHarlan's HolidayFirmamentoJuan C Etchechoury
2019-06-29Emotion Orpen ARG4colt212Gran Premio Estrellas Classic13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2200DirtStandardOrpenFirmamentoNicolas A Gaitan
2017-11-19Ex Tradition ARG4colt211Gran Premio Joaquin V. Gonzalez13-y-o and upOpenLa PlataARG1760DirtStandardExchange RateDe GaleraJuan C Etchechoury
2017-11-11Cry Me A River ARG4colt211Gran Premio Palermo13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1760DirtStandardNot For SaleKeyser SozeJose O Gonzalez
2018-05-01Spring Glory ARG3filly211Premio Jorge De Atucha12-y-oFilliesPalermoARG1650DirtStandardManipulatorGran DerbyOmar F Labanca
2016-11-19Fantastic Four ARG4colt212Gran Premio Joaquin V Gonzalez13-y-o and upOpenLa PlataARG1760DirtStandardForestryRi CaAlberto O Aguirre
2018-07-09Expressive Smart ARG4colt313Gran Premio Estrellas Sprint13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1100DirtMuddyExpressive HaloEl Clan CorrientesMaria Fernanda Alvarez