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286 Ryuji Okubo

Ranked Ryuji Okubo Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2014-11-23Danon Shark JPN6horse117Mile Championship13-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfFirmYasunari IwataDeep ImpactDanox Co Ltd
2014-08-17Danon Shark JPN6horse216Sekiya Kinen33-y-o and upOpenNiigataJPN1760TurfGoodHiroyuki UchidaDeep ImpactDanox Co Ltd
2016-11-20Danon Shark JPN8horse418Mile Championship13-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfFirmKohei MatsuyamaDeep ImpactDanox Co Ltd
2016-04-24Danon Shark JPN8horse215Yomiuri Milers Cup24-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfFirmYuichi FukunagaDeep ImpactDanox Co Ltd
2015-10-11Danon Shark JPN7horse413Mainichi Okan23-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1980TurfFirmYasunari IwataDeep ImpactDanox Co Ltd
2016-06-05Danon Shark JPN8horse712Yasuda Kinen13-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1760TurfFirmYasunari IwataDeep ImpactDanox Co Ltd
2017-02-12Smart Layer JPN7mare210Kyoto Kinen24-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN2420TurfGoodYasunari IwataDeep ImpactToru Okawa
2017-10-09Smart Layer JPN7mare115Kyoto Daishoten23-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN2640TurfFirmYutaka TakeDeep ImpactToru Okawa
2014-10-25Danon Shark JPN6horse716Saudi Arabia Royal Cup Fuji Stakes33-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1760TurfFirmYuichi FukunagaDeep ImpactDanox Co Ltd
2014-06-08Danon Shark JPN6horse417Yasuda Kinen13-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1760TurfSoftHiroyuki UchidaDeep ImpactDanox Co Ltd
2019-05-18Chuwa Wizard JPN4horse116Heian Stakes34-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN2090DirtStandardYuga KawadaKing KamehamehaShinobu Nakanishi
2019-12-01Chuwa Wizard JPN4horse416Champions Cup13-y-o and upOpenChukyoJPN1980DirtStandardYuichi FukunagaKing KamehamehaShinobu Nakanishi
2016-04-09Smart Layer JPN6mare113Sankeisports Hai Hanshin Himba Stakes24-y-o and upFillies and maresHanshinJPN1760TurfFirmMirco DemuroDeep ImpactToru Okawa
2020-05-09Deep Bond JPN3colt113Kyoto Shimbun Hai23-y-oOpenKyotoJPN2420TurfFirmRyuji WadaKizunaShinji Maeda
2016-10-15Smart Layer JPN6mare313Fuchu Himba Stakes23-y-o and upFillies and maresTokyoJPN1980TurfFirmYutaka TakeDeep ImpactToru Okawa
2014-10-18Smart Layer JPN4mare213Fuchu Himba Stakes23-y-o and upFillies and maresTokyoJPN1980TurfFirmNorihiro YokoyamaDeep ImpactToru Okawa
2016-02-07Smart Layer JPN6mare114Tokyo Shimbun Hai34-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1760TurfFirmHayato YoshidaDeep ImpactToru Okawa
2014-04-12Smart Layer JPN4mare113Sankeisports Hai Hanshin Himba Stakes24-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN1540TurfFirmYutaka TakeDeep ImpactToru Okawa
2014-08-03Smart Layer JPN4mare314Hokkaido Shimbun Hai Queen Stakes33-y-o and upFillies and maresSapporoJPN1980TurfFirmKenichi IkezoeDeep ImpactToru Okawa
2016-05-15Smart Layer JPN6mare418Victoria Mile14-y-o and upFillies and maresTokyoJPN1760TurfFirmYutaka TakeDeep ImpactToru Okawa