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None Robertino Diodoro

Ranked Robertino Diodoro Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2017-04-15Inside Straight USA4gelding17Oaklawn Handicap24-y-o and upOpenOaklawn ParkUSA1980DirtFastGeovanni FrancoSuper SaverRandy Howg
2016-04-10Subtle Indian USA4gelding19Count Fleet Sprint Handicap33-y-o and upOpenOaklawn ParkUSA1320DirtFastRamon A VazquezIndian CharlieMercedes Stables LLC
2016-06-26Subtle Indian USA4gelding28Triple Bend Stakes13-y-o and upOpenSanta AnitaUSA1540DirtFastMike E SmithIndian CharlieMercedes Stables LLC
2013-09-29Broadway Empire USA3gelding18Oklahoma Derby33-y-oOpenRemington ParkUSA1980DirtFastRico W WalcottEmpire MakerRandy Howg, Bob Butz Et Al
2016-05-21Subtle Indian USA4gelding28Kona Gold Stakes24-y-o and upOpenSanta AnitaUSA1430DirtFastRamon A VazquezIndian CharlieMercedes Stables LLC
2014-09-28Bay Of Biscay USA3horse214Oklahoma Derby33-y-oOpenRemington ParkUSA1980DirtFastJ CarrenoGiant's CausewayFouad El Kardy, Charles Garvey & Rick Running Rabbit
2017-09-10Chief Know It All USA3colt110British Columbia Derby33-y-oOpenHastings (can)CAN1980DirtSloppyRico W WalcottFlashy BullRollingson Racing Stable, Randy Howg Et Al
2018-09-09Sky Promise USA3colt112British Columbia Derby33-y-oOpenHastings RacecourseCAN1980DirtFastRico W WalcottSky MesaRick & Clayton Wiest Et Al
2018-08-26Sky Promise USA3colt19Canadian Derby33-y-oOpenNorthlands ParkCAN2420DirtFastRico W WalcottSky MesaRick & Clayton Wiest Et Al
2017-08-20Chief Know It All USA3colt18Canadian Derby33-y-oOpenNorthlands ParkCAN2420DirtFastRico W WalcottFlashy BullRollingson Racing Stable, Randy Howg Et Al
2014-08-17Edison USA3horse111Canadian Derby33-y-oOpenNorthlands ParkCAN2420DirtFastRico W WalcottBernardiniBob Butz, Randy Howg & Running Rabbit Rick
2013-08-18Broadway Empire USA3gelding112Canadian Derby33-y-oOpenNorthlands ParkCAN2420DirtSloppyRico W WalcottEmpire MakerBob Butz, Randy Howg & Running Rabbit Rick
2016-08-21Solve USA3gelding212Canadian Derby33-y-oOpenNorthlands ParkCAN2420DirtFastDane NelsonFlatterClayton Wiest, Rick Wiest Et Al
2014-05-03Broadway Empire USA4gelding411Churchill Downs Stakes23-y-oOpenChurchill DownsUSA1540DirtFastGary Stevens**Empire MakerRandy Howg, Bob Butz Et Al
2014-06-07Broadway Empire USA4gelding612Metropolitan Handicap13-y-o and upOpenBelmont ParkUSA1760DirtFirmScott A StevensEmpire MakerRandy Howg, Bob Butz Et Al
2016-08-21Inside Straight USA3gelding412Canadian Derby33-y-oOpenNorthlands ParkCAN2420DirtFastRico W WalcottSuper SaverRandy Howg
2020-05-03Sky Promise USA5horse713Oaklawn Handicap24-y-o and upOpenOaklawn ParkUSA1980DirtFastOrlando MojicaSky MesaRick & Clayton Wiest Et Al
2014-10-31Patriots Rule USA3gelding711Twilight Derby23-y-oOpenSanta AnitaUSA1980TurfFirmFernando Hernandez PerezTribal RuleCharles Garvey
2020-08-12Ava's Grace USA2filly35Adirondack Stakes22-y-oFilliesSaratogaUSA1430DirtFastDavid CohenLaobanSouthern Equine Stable LLC
2018-08-05Tombelaine USA6horse68Troy Handicap33-y-o and upOpenSaratogaUSA1210TurfSoftDavid CohenFirst DefenceSandford J Goldfarb, Malvern & Janet Burroughs LLC Et Al