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146 Naosuke Sugai

Ranked Naosuke Sugai Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2014-03-29Just A Way JPN5horse113Dubai Duty Free Sponsored By Dubai Duty Free13-y-o and upOpenMeydanUAE1980TurfGoodYuichi FukunagaHeart's CryAkatsuki Yamatoya
2014-03-02Just A Way JPN5horse115Nakayama Kinen24-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN1980TurfGoodNorihiro YokoyamaHeart's CryAkatsuki Yamatoya
2014-03-23Gold Ship JPN5horse19Hanshin Daishoten Stakes24-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN3300TurfFirmYasunari IwataStay GoldEiichi Kobayashi
2014-08-24Gold Ship JPN5horse214Sapporo Kinen23-y-o and upOpenSapporoJPN2200TurfFirmNorihiro YokoyamaStay GoldEiichi Kobayashi
2014-06-29Gold Ship JPN5horse112Takarazuka Kinen13-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN2420TurfFirmNorihiro YokoyamaStay GoldEiichi Kobayashi
2015-03-22Gold Ship JPN6horse110Hanshin Daishoten24-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN3300TurfFirmYasunari IwataStay GoldKobayashi Eiichi Holdings LLC
2014-12-28Gold Ship JPN5horse316Arima Kinen13-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN2750TurfFirmYasunari IwataStay GoldKobayashi Eiichi Holdings LLC
2014-11-30Just A Way JPN5horse218Japan Cup13-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN2640TurfFirmYuichi FukunagaHeart's CryAkatsuki Yamatoya
2014-06-08Just A Way JPN5horse117Yasuda Kinen13-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1760TurfSoftYoshitomi ShibataHeart's CryAkatsuki Yamatoya
2014-12-28Just A Way JPN5horse416Arima Kinen13-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN2750TurfFirmYuichi FukunagaHeart's CryAkatsuki Yamatoya
2014-10-05Just A Way JPN5horse820Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe13-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR2640TurfGoodYuichi FukunagaHeart's CryAkatsuki Yamatoya
2018-10-20Logi Cry JPN5horse118Fuji Stakes33-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1760TurfFirmChristophe LemaireHeart's CryMasaaki Kumeta
2015-05-03Gold Ship JPN6horse117Tenno Sho14-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN3520TurfFirmNorihiro YokoyamaStay GoldKobayashi Eiichi Holdings LLC
2014-10-05Gold Ship JPN5horse1420Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe13-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR2640TurfGoodNorihiro YokoyamaStay GoldEiichi Kobayashi
2015-12-27Gold Ship JPN6horse816Arima Kinen13-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN2750TurfFirmHiroyuki UchidaStay GoldKobayashi Eiichi Holdings LLC
2016-09-04Albert Dock JPN4horse218Niigata Kinen33-y-o and upOpenNiigataJPN2200TurfFirmKeita TosakiDeep ImpactG1 Racing Co Ltd
2015-11-29Gold Ship JPN6horse1018Japan Cup13-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN2640TurfFirmNorihiro YokoyamaStay GoldKobayashi Eiichi Holdings LLC
2016-12-24Shuji JPN3colt115Hanshin Cup23-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN1540TurfFirmYuga KawadaKinshasa No KisekiKoji Yasuhara
2016-07-10Albert Dock JPN4horse116Tanabata Sho33-y-o and upOpenFukushimaJPN2200TurfFirmKeita TosakiDeep ImpactG1 Racing Co Ltd
2015-01-25Gold Ship JPN6horse717American Jockey Club Cup24-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN2420TurfFirmYasunari IwataStay GoldKobayashi Eiichi Holdings LLC