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None Keiji Yoshimura

Ranked Keiji Yoshimura Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2017-12-24Queens Ring JPN5mare216Arima Kinen13-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN2750TurfFirmChristophe LemaireManhattan CafeChizu Yoshida
2013-05-26Peptide Amazon JPN3horse418Tokyo Yushun13-y-oColts and filliesTokyoJPN2640TurfFirmKota FujiokaAgnes TachyonKazuhiko Numakawa
2013-05-04Peptide Amazon JPN3horse216Kyoto Shimbun Hai23-y-oOpenKyotoJPN2420TurfFirmKota FujiokaAgnes TachyonKazuhiko Numakawa
2016-10-15Queens Ring JPN4mare113Fuchu Himba Stakes23-y-o and upFillies and maresTokyoJPN1980TurfFirmMirco DemuroManhattan CafeChizu Yoshida
2016-11-13Queens Ring JPN4mare115Queen Elizabeth II Cup13-y-o and upFillies and maresKyotoJPN2420TurfFirmMirco DemuroManhattan CafeChizu Yoshida
2019-01-05Air Anthem JPN8horse716Nikkan Sports Sho Nakayama Kimpai34-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN2200TurfFirmHironobu TanabeSymboli Kris SLucky Field Co Ltd
2018-09-23Air Anthem JPN7horse412Sankei Sho All Comers23-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN2420TurfFirmHironobu TanabeSymboli Kris SLucky Field Co Ltd
2016-02-20Queens Ring JPN4mare118Kyoto Himba Stakes34-y-o and upFillies and maresKyotoJPN1540TurfYieldingMirco DemuroManhattan CafeChizu Yoshida
2017-10-14Queens Ring JPN5mare414Ireland Trophy Fuchu Himba Stakes23-y-o and upFillies and maresTokyoJPN1980TurfGoodMirco DemuroManhattan CafeChizu Yoshida
2015-11-15Queens Ring JPN3filly818Queen Elizabeth II Cup13-y-o and upFillies and maresKyotoJPN2420TurfGoodAndrasch StarkeManhattan CafeChizu Yoshida
2016-05-14Dashing Blaze USA4horse416Keio Hai Spring Cup24-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1540TurfFirmSuguru HamanakaKitten's JoyGreen Fields Co. Ltd
2016-04-03Dashing Blaze USA4horse616Lord Derby Challenge Trophy34-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN1760TurfFirmKeita TosakiKitten's JoyGreen Fields Co. Ltd
2019-02-17Air Anthem JPN8horse514Kokura Daishoten34-y-o and upOpenKokuraJPN1980TurfFirmHayato YoshidaSymboli Kris SLucky Field Co Ltd
2017-05-13Dashing Blaze USA5horse713Keio Hai Spring Cup24-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1540TurfYieldingHiroyuki UchidaKitten's JoyGreen Fields Co. Ltd
2015-03-15Queens Ring JPN3filly118Hochi Hai Fillies' Revue23-y-oFilliesHanshinJPN1540TurfFirmMirco DemuroManhattan CafeTetsuya Yoshida
2016-12-11Queens Ring JPN4mare912LONGINES Hong Kong Cup13-y-o and upOpenSha TinHK2200TurfGoodMirco DemuroManhattan CafeChizu Yoshida
2015-10-18Queens Ring JPN3filly218Shuka Sho13-y-oFilliesKyotoJPN2200TurfFirmMirco DemuroManhattan CafeChizu Yoshida
2018-03-11Dashing Blaze USA6horse59Kinko Sho24-y-o and upOpenChukyoJPN2200TurfGoodHiroshi KitamuraKitten's JoyGreen Fields Co. Ltd
2017-11-12Queens Ring JPN5mare718Queen Elizabeth II Cup13-y-o and upFillies and maresKyotoJPN2420TurfFirmCristian DemuroManhattan CafeChizu Yoshida
2019-12-07Ice Storm JPN4horse316Chunichi Shimbun Hai33-y-o and upOpenChukyoJPN2200TurfFirmHayato YoshidaStorming HomeGodolphin