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78 Enrique Martin Ferro

Ranked Enrique Martin Ferro Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2011-06-25Gran Diogenes ARG6horse211Gran Premio Estrellas Classic13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfHeavyJorge G Ruiz DiazIncurable OptimistTrio
2017-05-01El Margot ARG6horse113Gran Premio Republica Argentina13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2200DirtStandardAltair DomingosEl GarufaDon Luis
2016-05-01El Margot ARG5horse111Gran Premio Republica Argentina13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2200DirtStandardAltair DomingosEl GarufaDon Luis
2019-09-07Joy Canela ARG3filly18Gran Premio Polla de Potrancas13-y-oFilliesPalermoARG1760DirtStandardEduardo Ortega PavonFortifyPuey
2019-11-02Joy Canela ARG3filly114Gran Premio Enrique Acebal13-y-oFilliesSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodEduardo Ortega PavonFortifyPuey
2018-10-13Nicholas ARG5horse110San Isidro13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodEduardo Ortega PavonEqual StripesStud Nosotros
2020-09-11Power Up ARG5horse116Gran Premio Estrellas Mile14-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1760DirtStandardLautaro E BalmacedaKey DeputyUrquiza
2019-02-02Nicholas ARG6horse111Gran Premio Miguel Alfredo Martinez de Hoz13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodEduardo Ortega PavonEqual StripesStud Nosotros
2017-11-11Legion De Honor ARG3colt113Gran Premio Maipu13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1100DirtStandardEduardo Ortega PavonGrand RewardIndio Rubio
2017-12-16Nicholas ARG4colt114Gran Premio Joaquin S. de Anchorena13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfSoftEduardo Ortega PavonEqual StripesStud Nosotros
2019-10-12El Consorte ARG4horse115Gran Premio San Isidro13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfHeavyLautaro E BalmacedaGrand RewardUrquiza
2019-06-30Tamagochi ARG4colt215Gran Premio Estrellas Sprint13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1100DirtStandardEduardo Ortega PavonManipulatorFriends
2019-04-06City And The Sex ARG4filly29Gran Premio Gilberto Lerena13-y-o and upFillies and maresPalermoARG2420TurfGoodGustavo E CalventeEqual StripesR M
2018-07-28Teodisio Joy ARG3colt212Dos Mil Guineas13-y-oColts and geldingsSan IsidroARG1760TurfHeavyJose Aparecido da SilvaFortifyCarucha Hue
2017-10-14Nicholas ARG4colt29Gran Premio San Isidro13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfSoftEduardo Ortega PavonEqual StripesStud Nosotros
2016-04-02El Margot ARG5horse16Gran Premio de Honor13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2200DirtSlowAltair DomingosEl GarufaDon Luis
2019-05-01City And The Sex ARG4filly315Gran Premio Criadores13-y-o and upFillies and maresPalermoARG2200DirtStandardGustavo E CalventeEqual StripesR M
2013-06-29Hagrid ARG4horse313Estrellas Classic13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodJorge A RicardoSeeking DaylightCarucha Hue
2019-11-09Power Up ARG4horse510Gran Premio Palermo13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1760DirtFastEduardo Ortega PavonKey DeputyUrquiza
2019-11-19Luk Joy ARG4horse318Gran Premio Joaquin V Gonzalez13-y-o and upOpenLa PlataARG1760DirtStandardEduardo Ortega PavonFortifyUrquiza