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None Edward Plesa Jr

Ranked Edward Plesa Jr Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2018-12-15Apostle3colt36Harlan's Holiday Stakes33-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1870DirtSloppyEdgard J ZayasMedaglia D'oroKarl Glassman & Cathi Glassman
2017-12-16April Gaze4mare49My Charmer Stakes33-y-o and upFillies and maresGulfstream ParkUSA1760TurfFirmEdgard J ZayasHigh CottonKarl Glassman & Cathi Glassman
2017-12-16Mr. Jordan5gelding29Harlan's Holiday Stakes33-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1870DirtFastEdgard J ZayasKantharosDavid Melin, Leon Ellman & Laurie Plesa
2017-06-18Talk Pegasus Stakes33-y-oOpenMonmouth ParkUSA1870DirtFastPaco LopezHigh CottonHardway Stables Inc
2017-09-23Talk Logistics3colt510Pennsylvania Derby13-y-oOpenParxUSA1980DirtFastFrankie PenningtonHigh CottonHardway Stables Inc
2017-09-04Talk Logistics3colt26Smarty Jones Stakes33-y-oOpenParxUSA1870DirtFastFrankie PenningtonHigh CottonHardway Stables Inc
2017-08-26Mr. Jordan5gelding34Philip H. Iselin Stakes33-y-o and upOpenMonmouth ParkUSA1980DirtFastFrankie PenningtonKantharosDavid Melin, Leon Ellman & Laurie Plesa
2018-03-03Mr. Jordan6gelding410Gulfstream Park Sprint Stakes34-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1430DirtFastEdgard J ZayasKantharosDavid Melin, Leon Ellman & Laurie Plesa
2018-03-31Mr. Jordan6gelding56Gulfstream Park Hardacre Mile Stakes24-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1760DirtFastEdgard J ZayasKantharosDavid Melin, Leon Ellman & Laurie Plesa
2019-02-23Mr. Jordan7gelding78Hal's Hope Stakes34-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1760DirtFastCharles C LopezKantharosDavid Melin, Leon Ellman & Laurie Plesa
2018-06-30Mr. Jordan6gelding88Smile Sprint Stakes33-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1320DirtFastEdgard J ZayasKantharosDavid Melin, Leon Ellman & Laurie Plesa