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None Carlos D Etchechoury

Ranked Carlos D Etchechoury Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2017-10-14Village King ARG3colt113Gran Premio Jockey Club13-y-oOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfSoftGonzalo E BellocqCampanologistKeyser Soze
2017-12-08Amy B Key ARG5mare213Gran Premio Copa de Plata13-y-o and upFillies and maresSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodRodrigo G BlancoKey DeputyMira Flores
2017-11-04Global Beauty ARG3filly215Gran Premio Enrique Acebal13-y-oFilliesSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodRodrigo G BlancoGlobal HunterTres P
2015-12-12Don Inc ARG3colt220Gran Premio Carlos Pellegrini13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2640TurfGoodAdrian M GiannettiIncludeLas Monjitas
2016-05-25Don Inc ARG4colt19Gran Premio 25 De Mayo13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2640TurfGoodJorge A RicardoIncludeLas Monjitas
2011-10-15Pick Out ARG5horse213Premio San Isidro13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodAdrian M GiannettiBrancusiEl Gusy
2015-10-12Dona Joya ARG3filly18Gran Premio Seleccion13-y-oFilliesPalermoARG2200DirtStandardAdrian M GiannettiJump StartSan Benito
2012-12-15Peluca Fizz ARG4mare124Gran Premio Internacional Felix De Alzaga Unzue13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1100TurfGoodRodrigo G BlancoSlew Gin FizzLa Mision
2011-05-29Escape Of Glory ARG3horse17Gran Premio Gran Criterium12-y-oColts and geldingsSan IsidroARG1760TurfSoftAdrian M GiannettiLodeEl Gusy
2011-06-25Escape Of Glory ARG3horse212Gran Premio Estrellas Juvenile12-y-oColtsSan IsidroARG1760TurfHeavyAdrian M GiannettiLodeEl Gusy
2015-11-19Giant Killing ARG5horse118Gran Premio Dardo Rocha Internacional13-y-o and upOpenLa PlataARG2640DirtMuddyRodrigo G BlancoHat TrickMirko
2011-05-01Cartier Gold ARG3horse29Gran Premio Montevideo12-y-oColts and geldingsPalermoARG1650DirtSlowAdrian M GiannettiOrpenHaras Santa Maria De Araras
2011-04-03Cartier Gold ARG3horse27Gran Premio Raul Y Raul Chevlier12-y-oColtsSan IsidroARG1540TurfGoodPablo G Falero**OrpenHaras Santa Maria De Araras
2013-05-01Candy Marie ARG4mare15Gran Premio Criadores13-y-o and upFillies and maresPalermoARG2200DirtStandardRodrigo G BlancoPure PrizeHaras Santa Maria De Araras
2014-09-06King Kon ARG4horse211Gran Premio General San Martin14-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2640TurfHeavyFrancisco L FernandesFootstepsinthesandLa Nora
2016-02-06Don Inc ARG4colt311Gran Premio Miguel Alfredo Martinez de Hoz13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodAltair DomingosIncludeLas Monjitas
2015-05-25King Kon ARG5horse515Gran Premio 25 de Mayo13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2640TurfGoodAltair DomingosFootstepsinthesandLa Nora
2013-02-02Flowing Rye ARG6horse110Gran Premio Miguel A Martinez De Hoz13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodRodrigo G BlancoCatcher In The RyeLa Biznaga
2011-12-17Flowing Rye ARG4horse214Gran Premio Int. Joaquin S. De Anchorena13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodAltair DomingosCatcher In The RyeLa Biznaga
2013-04-01Candy Marie ARG4mare113Gran Premio Gilberto Lerena13-y-o and upFillies and maresPalermoARG2420TurfSoftRodrigo G BlancoPure PrizeHaras Santa Maria De Araras