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467 Barbara J Minshall

Ranked Barbara J Minshall Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2016-10-16Stacked Deck USA5gelding28Nearctic Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1320TurfFirmRafael Manuel HernandezFirst SamuraiBruce Lunsford
2016-11-25Stacked Deck USA5gelding18Kennedy Road Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1320TapetaFastRafael Manuel HernandezFirst SamuraiBruce Lunsford
2015-11-22Stacked Deck USA4gelding111Kennedy Road Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1320PolytrackFastLuis ContrerasFirst SamuraiBruce Lunsford
2020-07-11Admiralty Pier USA5gelding26Connaught Cup Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1540TurfSoftJerome LermyteEnglish ChannelHoolie Racing Stable LLC & Bruce Lunsford
2016-05-07Stacked Deck USA5gelding25Vigil Stakes34-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1540TapetaFastLuis ContrerasFirst SamuraiBruce Lunsford
2016-05-29Strut The Course CAN6mare39Nassau Stakes23-y-o and upFillies and maresWoodbineCAN1760TurfFirmLuis ContrerasStrut The StageJohn Unger
2015-10-18Strut The Course CAN5mare412E. P. Taylor Stakes presented by HPIbet13-y-o and upFillies and maresWoodbineCAN2200TurfGoodLuis ContrerasStrut The StageJohn Unger
2015-09-13Strut The Course CAN5mare110Canadian Stakes23-y-o and upFillies and maresWoodbineCAN1980TurfYieldingLuis ContrerasStrut The StageJohn Unger
2017-09-17Admiralty Pier USA2gelding38Summer Stakes22-y-oOpenWoodbineCAN1760TurfFirmLuis ContrerasEnglish ChannelHoolie Racing Stable LLC & Bruce Lunsford
2017-07-02Hollywood Hideaway USA4gelding59King Edward Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1760TurfFirmRafael Manuel HernandezZensationalBruce Lunsford
2017-06-03Hollywood Hideaway USA4gelding49Connaught Cup Stakes24-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1540TurfFirmRafael Manuel HernandezZensationalBruce Lunsford
2017-07-21Dream It Is USA2filly18Schuylerville Stakes32-y-oFilliesSaratogaUSA1320DirtFastLuis ContrerasShacklefordHoolie Racing Stable LLC
2020-02-08Admiralty Pier USA5gelding18Tampa Bay Stakes34-y-o and upOpenTampa Bay DownsUSA1870TurfFirmSamy CamachoEnglish ChannelHoolie Racing Stable LLC & Bruce Lunsford
2015-09-13Stacked Deck USA4gelding14Bold Venture Stakes33-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1430PolytrackFastLuis SaezFirst SamuraiBruce Lunsford
2016-07-03Strut The Course CAN6mare211Dance Smartly Stakes23-y-o and upFillies and maresWoodbineCAN1980TurfFirmLuis ContrerasStrut The StageJohn Unger
2016-10-16Strut The Course CAN6mare1012E. P. Taylor Stakes presented by HPIBet13-y-o and upFillies and maresWoodbineCAN2200TurfFirmRafael Manuel HernandezStrut The StageJohn Unger
2019-02-09Admiralty Pier USA4gelding58Tampa Bay Stakes34-y-o and upOpenTampa Bay DownsUSA1870TurfFirmDeclan CannonEnglish ChannelHoolie Racing Stable LLC & Bruce Lunsford
2020-08-15Admiralty Pier USA5gelding28King Edward Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1760TurfFirmSteven Ronald BahenEnglish ChannelHoolie Racing Stable LLC & Bruce Lunsford
2020-10-18Admiralty Pier USA5gelding38Northern Dancer Turf Stakes presented by Pattison13-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN2640TurfGoodSteven Ronald BahenEnglish ChannelHoolie Racing Stable LLC & Bruce Lunsford
2019-08-04Get Explicit USA4mare26Fasig-Tipton Waya Stakes33-y-o and upFillies and maresSaratogaUSA2640TurfFirmRicardo Santana JrGet StormyEleanor Mcintyre & Neil Mcintyre