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102 Alduino Botti

Ranked Alduino Botti Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2019-10-20Out Of Time ITY3colt18Premio Vittorio di Capua23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1760TurfHeavyDario VargiuSakhee's SecretScuderia Del Giglio Sardo Srl
2018-05-20Summer Festival GB3gelding112135th Derby Italiano23-y-oColts and filliesCapannelleITY2420TurfGoodCristian DemuroPoet's VoiceDioscuri Srl
2019-11-03Out Of Time ITY3colt16Premio Ribot - Mem. Loreto Luciani33-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY1760TurfHeavyDario VargiuSakhee's SecretScuderia Del Giglio Sardo Srl
2019-09-22Chestnut Honey IRE3colt15Premio Federico Tesio23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY2420TurfGoodFabio BrancaNo Nay NeverScuderia Effevi Srl
2019-09-22Mission Boy GB3colt27Premio del Piazzale Memorial Enrico Camici33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1870TurfGoodCarlo FiocchiPaco BoyScuderia Blueberry Srl
2019-05-19Keep On Fly IRE3gelding112136th Derby Italiano23-y-oColts and filliesCapannelleITY2420TurfHeavyCristian DemuroRip Van WinkleDioscuri Srl
2019-05-19Mission Boy GB3colt212136th Derby Italiano23-y-oColts and filliesCapannelleITY2420TurfHeavyCarlo FiocchiPaco BoyScuderia Blueberry Srl
2019-06-23Keep On Fly IRE3gelding35Gran Premio di Milano23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY2640TurfGood To SoftDario VargiuRip Van WinkleDioscuri Srl
2018-07-01Summer Festival GB3gelding26Gran Premio Di Milano23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY2640TurfGoodCristian DemuroPoet's VoiceDioscuri Srl
2019-11-03Call Me Love GB3filly19Premio Lydia Tesio23-y-o and upFillies and maresCapannelleITY2200TurfHeavyFabio BrancaSea The StarsScuderia Effevi Srl
2018-11-04Presley ITY5horse25Premio GBI Racing Roma Champion23-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY2200TurfHeavyDario VargiuGladiatorusQuafin Spa
2018-10-21Mission Boy GB2colt17Gran Criterium22-y-oColts and filliesSan SiroITY1650TurfGoodCarlo FiocchiPaco BoyScuderia Blueberry Srl
2020-07-12The Conqueror IRE5horse111Premio Tudini33-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY1320TurfGoodFabio BrancaExcelebrationScuderia New Age Srl
2020-06-28Out Of Time ITY4colt28Premio Carlo Vittadini33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1760TurfGoodDario VargiuSakhee's SecretScuderia Del Giglio Sardo Srl
2018-05-20Chasedown IRE4horse16Premio Carlo d'Alessio34-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY2640TurfGoodDario VargiuNathanielScuderia Effevi Srl
2019-11-03Presley ITY6horse25Premio Roma23-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY2200TurfHeavyCristian DemuroGladiatorusQuafin Spa
2018-09-23Presley ITY5horse25Premio Federico Tesio23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY2420TurfGoodCristian DemuroGladiatorusQuafin Spa
2019-10-20Chasedown IRE5horse25Gran Premio del Jockey Club23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY2640TurfHeavyDario VargiuNathanielScuderia Effevi Srl
2018-06-10Together Again GB4gelding15Premio Ambrosiano33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY2200TurfSoftDario VargiuPivotalScuderia Effevi Srl
2019-04-22Dirk IRE5horse15Premio Ambrosiano33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY2200TurfGoodCarlo FiocchiMujahidQuafin Spa