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202 W S Cardoso

Ranked W S Cardoso Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingSireOwnerTrainer
2019-08-03Or Noir5horse19Premio Copa A.B.C.P.C.C. Classica Mathias Machline14-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBrazil2200TurfGood To SoftSoldier Of FortuneHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2020-06-27Pimpera's Paradise5horse110Premio Copa A.B.C.P.C.C. Classica Mathias Machline13-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBrazil2200TurfHeavyPut It BackHaras Doce ValeLuis Esteves
2019-05-05Olympic Hollywood5horse112Grande Premio Sao Paulo13-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBrazil2640TurfSoftSoldier Of FortuneHaras ReginaR Solanes
2019-08-03Olympic Jolteon3colt211Grande Premio J Adhemar de Almeida Prado13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBrazil1760TurfGood To SoftElmustanserHaras ReginaR Solanes
2018-04-08Or Noir4colt210Grande Premio Cruzeiro do Sul13-y-oOpenGaveaBrazil2640TurfHeavySoldier Of FortuneHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2018-06-10Tiepollo4colt214Grande Premio Presidente da Republica13-y-o and upOpenGaveaBrazil1760TurfHeavyKapo Di TuttiHaras MabrukLuis Esteves
2019-05-05Davy Jones3colt312Grande Premio Juliano Martins12-y-oOpenCidade JardimBrazil1650TurfSoftQue FenomenoAdolpho Smith De VasconcellosG Borba
2017-08-05Ordinary Love3filly27Grande Premio Margarida Polak Lara13-y-oFilliesGaveaBrazil1760TurfGoodAy CarambaHaras Doce ValeM Paulo
2017-08-05No Regrets4filly39Copa ABCPCC Classica - Mathias Machline14-y-o and upOpenGaveaBrazil2200TurfGoodFlukeHaras Doce ValeM Paulo
2018-02-04Or Noir4colt48Grande Premio Estado Do Rio De Janeiro13-y-oColts and geldingsGaveaBrazil1760TurfGood To SoftSoldier Of FortuneHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2019-05-05Best Magee3filly48Grande Premio Jocao Cecillo Ferraz12-y-oFilliesCidade JardimBrazil1650TurfSoftPioneeringCoudelaria FantasticT Haidar
2018-06-09Ordinary Love4filly38Grande Premio Roberto E Nelson Grimaldi Seabra13-y-o and upFilliesGaveaBrazil2200TurfHeavyAy CarambaHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2019-05-05Lawcourt5horse310Grande Premio Presidente Da Republica13-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBrazil1760TurfSoftSoldier Of FortuneHaras ReginaR Solanes
2018-05-06Shanghai Princess3filly89Grande Premio Joao Cecilio Ferraz12-y-oFilliesCidade JardimBrazil1650TurfGoodShanghai BobbyHaras Santa Zelia Do CaiboateM Andre
2019-05-04Raf5horse47Grande Premo A.B.C.P.C.C.12-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBrazil1100TurfSoftImpressionRodolpho Montanari NetoA G S Correa
2020-02-09Amor Total4colt414Grande Premio Estado do Rio de Janeiro13-y-oOpenGaveaBrazil1760TurfSoftPut It BackStud Eterno AmorR Morgado Jr
2020-03-14Pimper's Paradise5horse317Latinoamericano13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroArgentina2200TurfHeavyPut It BackHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2018-04-08Ordinary Love4filly58Grande Premio Zelia Gonzaga Peixoto de Castro13-y-oFilliesGaveaBrazil2640TurfHeavyAy CarambaHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2020-02-09Quick'n Easy4filly714Grande Premio Henrique Possolo13-y-oFilliesGaveaBrazil1760TurfSoftAdrianoHaras Doce ValeI C Souza
2017-11-11Arrocha3colt318Grande Premio Derby Paulista13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBrazil2640TurfHeavyPouncedHaras Estrela NovaR Solanes