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321 Peter Knuckey

Ranked Peter Knuckey Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingSireOwnerTrainer
2013-05-18Power Princess AUS7mare19Del Basso Smallgoods Roma Cup32-y-o and upOpenBelmont Park (perth)AUS1320TurfGoodMarwinaR W P Farris, G J Loughridge Et AlSimon A Miller
2011-11-19Elusive Touch AUS6gelding612Burswood-Winterbottom Stakes13-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1320TurfGoodElusive QualityP Silvestro, S Continibali Et AlShane A Edwards
2017-04-01Achernar Star AUS3gelding216Amelia Park-Karrakatta Plate22-y-oOpenAscot (aus)AUS1320TurfGoodGingerbread ManP V Walsh, A L Harrod Et AlSimon A Miller
2014-11-04Testamezzo AUS4gelding212Toll-Colonel Reeves Handicap33-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1210TurfGoodTesta RossaD S Pearce, S Cooper Et AlDaniel Pearce
2014-11-22Testamezzo AUS4gelding412Crown Perth-Winterbottom Stakes13-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1320TurfGoodTesta RossaD S Pearce, S Cooper Et AlDaniel Pearce
2012-07-07Chester Road AUS5gelding27Strickland Stakes32-y-o and upOpenBelmont Park (perth)AUS2200TurfGood To SoftTiger HillA J PhelanAdam Durrant
2012-10-27Power Princess AUS6mare110Prince Of Wales Stakes33-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1320TurfGoodMarwinaR W P Farris, G J Loughridge Et AlSimon A Miller
2011-05-28Power Princess AUS5mare214PM D'Orsongna - Roma Cup32-y-o and upOpenBelmont Park (perth)AUS1320TurfGoodMarwinaR W P Farris, G J Loughridge Et AlSimon A Miller
2011-07-09Sense Of Purpose AUS4mare47Strickland Stakes33-y-o and upOpenBelmont Park (perth)AUS2200TurfGoodTiger HillA J PhelanAdam Durrant
2011-11-05Philby AUS6gelding49Waroa-Lee-Steere Stakes23-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1540TurfGood To SoftBletchley ParkW J GreenwellGeorge Daly
2016-06-11Zarantz AUS6gelding215Hyperion Stakes32-y-o and upOpenBelmont Park (perth)AUS1760TurfGoodChoisirCape Falls ThoroughbredsJustin Warwick
2011-12-03Spacecraft AUS5gelding1113GR Engineering Kingston Town Classic13-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1980TurfGoodGalileoP R Caporn, Mrs K J Caporn Et AlD Hayes, B Hayes & T Dabernig
2020-05-02Fabergino AUS6mare16Northam Mazda Stakes33-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1210TurfGoodMaschinoJ Beesley, M F Mcdonagh Et AlTiarnna Robertson
2017-11-18Properantes AUS6gelding18R.J. Peters Stakes33-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1650TurfGoodDanehill ExpressC H Webster, P J Dinnison Et AlColin Webster
2019-04-19Tinsnip AUS3gelding18Montague Partners - W.A. Sires' Produce Stakes32-y-oOpenAscot (aus)AUS1540TurfSoftSnippetsonD K Elsegood, B K Elsegood & Mrs S M ElsegoodAdam Durrant
2012-03-31The Social Network AUS4mare29Skyy Vodka - W A Oaks33-y-oFilliesAscot (aus)AUS2640TurfGoodStarcraftMrs S S Madrigali, D Lupis Et AlLindsey Smith
2016-04-02Whispering Brook AUS3filly113Amelia Park-Karrakatta Plate22-y-oOpenAscot (aus)AUS1320TurfGoodHinchinbrookA R Macalister, Mrs B A Macalister Et AlSimon A Miller
2015-01-01Chester Road AUS8gelding516Golden River Development Perth Cup23-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS2640TurfGoodTiger HillA J PhelanAdam Durrant
2018-06-30At The Ready AUS5gelding49Strickland Stakes32-y-o and upOpenBelmont Park (perth)AUS2200TurfGoodMyboycharlieMs R L DurrantAdam Durrant
2015-11-03Liberty's Gem AUS4gelding38Toll-Colonel Reeves Stakes33-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1210TurfGood To SoftStatue Of LibertyD J White, P W Jones, Mrs R E JonesSimon A Miller