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371 Matthew Poon

Ranked Matthew Poon Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingSireOwnerTrainer
2019-06-23Time Warp6gelding410The Premier Plate33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1980TurfGood To FirmArchipenkoMartin Siu Kim SunTony Cruz
2019-11-17Citron Spirit7gelding57Jockey Club Mile23-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1760TurfGood To FirmInvincible SpiritLau Ng Mui ChuP F Yiu
2019-10-01Jolly Banner8gelding27National Day Cup33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1100TurfGood To FirmLonhroMr & Mrs Kenny Cheng Tsin KiP F Yiu
2019-01-06Jolly Banner8gelding16The Bauhinia Sprint Trophy33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1100TurfGoodLonhroMr & Mrs Kenny Cheng Tsin KiP F Yiu
2019-01-09Citron Spirit7gelding210The January Cup33-y-o and upOpenHappy ValleyHong Kong1980TurfGoodInvincible SpiritLau Ng Mui ChuP F Yiu
2020-05-31Fast Most Furious7gelding311Lion Rock Trophy33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1760TurfGoodLope De VegaCaaf SyndicateD J Hall
2019-11-03Citron Spirit7gelding511The Sa Sa Ladies' Purse33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1980TurfGood To FirmInvincible SpiritLau Ng Mui ChuP F Yiu
2019-10-01Citron Spirit7gelding710Celebration Cup33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1540TurfGood To FirmInvincible SpiritLau Ng Mui ChuP F Yiu
2019-06-23Jolly Banner8gelding88The Premier Cup33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1540TurfGoodLonhroMr & Mrs Kenny Cheng Tsin KiP F Yiu
2020-01-27Eagle Way8gelding510Centenary Vase33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1980TurfGoodMore Than ReadySiu Pak KwanJohn Moore
2019-05-05Victory Boys8gelding59Queen Mother Memorial Cup33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong2640TurfGood To YieldingMastercraftsmanPeter Li Chak Ming, Ricky Wong Kin Chat Et AlD J Hall
2020-03-22Private Secretary4gelding1314Hong Kong Derby14-y-oOpenSha TinHong Kong2200TurfGoodKingmanSiu Pak KwanTony Cruz
2020-01-01Northern Superstar7gelding88Chinese Club Challenge Cup33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1540TurfGoodCount DuboisEdmond Yue Kwok YinA T Millard