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None A Correia

Ranked A Correia Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingSireOwnerTrainer
2018-04-08Orange Box4colt310Grande Premio Cruzeiro do Sul13-y-oOpenGaveaBrazil2640TurfHeavyWild EventHaras Doce ValeR Nahid
2018-03-04Orange Box4colt315Grande Premio Francisco Eduardo de Paula Machado13-y-oOpenGaveaBrazil2200TurfHeavyWild EventHaras Doce ValeR Nahid
2019-06-08Pineapple Pie4mare414Grande Premio Roberto E Nelson Seabra13-y-o and upFillies and maresGaveaBrazil2200TurfHeavyWild EventHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2019-06-08Jardim De Outono7horse213Grande Premio Major Suckow12-y-o and upOpenGaveaBrazil1100TurfHeavyManduroStud Blue MountainA Damasceno
2018-06-10Or Noir4colt319Grande Premio Brasil13-y-o and upOpenGaveaBrazil2640TurfHeavySoldier Of FortuneHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2019-08-03Vacheron3colt711Grande Premio J Adhemar de Almeida Prado13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBrazil1760TurfGood To SoftAgnes GoldCoudelaria Barcelona & Fazenda MondesirD Guignoni
2019-03-17Perigoosa4filly610Grande Premio Diana13-y-oFilliesGaveaBrazil2200TurfHeavyPublic PurseHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2018-05-06Frisson7horse1016Grande Premio Presidente Da Republica - Csn13-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBrazil1760TurfGoodRefuse To BendNew Generation StudEmerson Garcia
2018-08-04Orange Box4colt59Copa ABCPCC Classica - Mathias Machline14-y-o and upOpenGaveaBrazil2200TurfSoftWild EventHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2018-03-04Jolie Mabi4filly1016Grande Premio Diana13-y-oFilliesGaveaBrazil2200TurfHeavyRock Of GibraltarHaras Figueira Do LagoD Guignoni
2018-08-04Platine3filly810Grande Premio Margarida Polak Lara13-y-oFilliesGaveaBrazil1760TurfSoftWild EventHaras Doce ValeV Nahid
2019-02-17Gana Forte4filly911Grande Premio Henrique Possolo13-y-oFilliesGaveaBrazil1760TurfHeavyPut It BackCoudelaria ArarasC Oliveira
2019-06-09Ferocity3colt1114Grande Premio Jockey Club Brasileiro12-y-oOpenGaveaBrazil1760TurfHeavyForestryStud Blue MountainM Ferreira
2019-03-17Garbo4colt1215Grande Premio Francisco Eduardo De Paula Machado13-y-oOpenGaveaBrazil2200TurfHeavyWild EventStud YatastoD Guignoni
2018-05-06Fitzwilly4colt1314Grande Premio Sao Paulo - Black Opal13-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBrazil2640TurfGoodAdrianoStud Blue MountainM Ferreira