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91 Yasutoshi Ikee

Ranked Yasutoshi Ikee Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2016-10-10Lovely Day JPN6horse310Kyoto Daishoten23-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN2640TurfFirmChristophe LemaireKing KamehamehaKaneko Makoto Holdings Co Ltd
2018-02-11Al Ain JPN4horse210Kyoto Kinen24-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN2420TurfYieldingYuga KawadaDeep ImpactSunday Racing Co Ltd
2015-06-06Lovely Day JPN5horse111Naruo Kinen33-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN2200TurfFirmYasunari IwataKing KamehamehaKaneko Makoto Holdings Co Ltd
2015-11-01Lovely Day JPN5horse118Tenno Sho13-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN2200TurfFirmSuguru HamanakaKing KamehamehaKaneko Makoto Holdings Co Ltd
2016-04-17Satono Diamond JPN3colt318Satsuki Sho13-y-oColts and filliesNakayamaJPN2200TurfFirmChristophe LemaireDeep ImpactHajime Satomi
2017-02-25Persian Knight JPN3colt112Arlington Cup33-y-oOpenHanshinJPN1760TurfFirmMirco DemuroHarbingerG1 Racing Co Ltd
2015-06-28Lovely Day JPN5horse116Takarazuka Kinen13-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN2420TurfFirmYuga KawadaKing KamehamehaKaneko Makoto Holdings Co Ltd
2018-10-28Al Ain JPN4horse412Tenno Sho13-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN2200TurfFirmYuichi KitamuraDeep ImpactSunday Racing Co Ltd
2015-05-31Satono Rasen JPN3colt218Tokyo Yushun13-y-oColts and filliesTokyoJPN2640TurfFirmYasunari IwataDeep ImpactHajime Satomi
2014-08-10Satono Noblesse JPN4horse114Kokura Kinen33-y-o and upOpenKokuraJPN2200TurfGoodRyuji WadaDeep ImpactHajime Satomi
2018-10-20Persian Knight JPN4horse518Fuji Stakes33-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1760TurfFirmMirco DemuroHarbingerG1 Racing Co Ltd
2016-12-11Lovely Day JPN6horse412LONGINES Hong Kong Cup13-y-o and upOpenSha TinHK2200TurfGoodHugh BowmanKing KamehamehaKaneko Makoto Holdings Co Ltd
2019-08-18Persian Knight JPN5horse514Sapporo Kinen23-y-o and upOpenSapporoJPN2200TurfFirmMirco DemuroHarbingerG1 Racing Co Ltd
2016-04-03Lovely Day JPN6horse411Sankei Osaka Hai24-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN2200TurfFirmMirco DemuroKing KamehamehaKaneko Makoto Holdings Co Ltd
2014-04-27World Ace JPN5horse116Yomiuri Milers Cup24-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfFirmAndrasch StarkeDeep ImpactSunday Racing Co Ltd
2019-11-17Persian Knight JPN5horse317Mile Championship13-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfFirmOisin MurphyHarbingerG1 Racing Co Ltd
2018-11-18Al Ain JPN4horse318Mile Championship13-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfFirmYuga KawadaDeep ImpactSunday Racing Co Ltd
2016-05-14Satono Aladdin JPN5horse116Keio Hai Spring Cup24-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1540TurfFirmYuga KawadaDeep ImpactHajime Satomi
2017-11-19Persian Knight JPN3colt118Mile Championship13-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfGoodMirco DemuroHarbingerG1 Racing Co Ltd
2014-04-20To The World JPN3horse218Satsuki Sho13-y-oColts and filliesNakayamaJPN2200TurfFirmYuga KawadaKing KamehamehaU Carrot Farm