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146 Niels Petersen

Ranked Niels Petersen Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2014-07-05Over The Ocean USA4horse210Zawawi Cup33-y-o and upOpenJagersroSWE1320DirtStandardPer-Anders GrabergRockport Harbor360 North Horse Racing Ab
2018-08-26Our Last Summer IRE5gelding112Marit Sveaas Minnelop33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR1980TurfGoodRafael SchistlZamindarStall Zuccini & Stall Bonne Nuit
2017-06-19Ruler Of Course IRE4gelding314Happy Tammsvik Stockholms Stora Pris34-y-o and upOpenBro ParkSWE1980TurfGoodPer-Anders GrabergRoderic O'connorE Nagell Erichsen Family
2016-08-28Bank Of Burden USA9gelding313Marit Sveaas Minnelop33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR1980TurfSoftPer-Anders GrabergHawk WingStall Trick Or Treat Ab
2015-07-30Eye In The Sky IRE4horse112Oslo Cup33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR2640TurfGoodElione ChavesSinndarScandinavian Racing Stable Ab
2015-07-30Bank Of Burden USA8horse312Oslo Cup33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR2640TurfGoodPer-Anders GrabergHawk WingStall Trick Or Treat Ab
2014-08-24Without Fear FR6gelding215Marit Sveaas Minnelop33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR1980TurfHeavyRafael SchistlRefuse To BendStall Bonne Nuit
2017-08-27Tinnitus IRE4gelding16Altia Polar Cup33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR1507TurfGoodPer-Anders GrabergClodovilE Nagell Erichsen Family
2014-09-14Without Fear FR6gelding510Stockholm Cup International33-y-o and upOpenTabySWE2640TurfGoodRafael SchistlRefuse To BendStall Bonne Nuit
2018-06-18Busybeingfabulous FR5horse213Stockholms Stora Pris34-y-o and upOpenBro ParkSWE1925TurfGoodJan-Erik NeurothSoldier Of FortuneStall Norven
2019-06-29Square De Luynes FR4gelding111Oslo Cup33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR2640TurfGoodRafael SchistlManduroStall Power Girls
2015-05-12Silver Ocean USA7gelding112Pramms Memorial34-y-o and upOpenJagersroSWE1903DirtStandardElione ChavesSilver TrainAutoindustri Ab
2020-08-23Kick On GB4gelding113Marit Sveaas Minnelop33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR1980TurfGoodCarlos LopezCharm SpiritElkaer Stutteri
2016-08-06Bank Of Burden USA9gelding312Chess Racing Scandinavian Open Championship33-y-o and upOpenKlampenborgDEN2640TurfGoodPer-Anders GrabergHawk WingStall Trick Or Treat Ab
2014-07-31Without Fear FR6gelding16Waba Gruppen Oslo Cup33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR2640TurfGoodRafael SchistlRefuse To BendStall Bonne Nuit
2015-08-23Bank Of Burden USA8horse310Marit Sveaas Minnelop33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR1980TurfGoodPer-Anders GrabergHawk WingStall Trick Or Treat Ab
2015-07-30Silver Ocean USA7gelding25Polar Cup33-y-o and upOpenOvrevollNOR1507TurfGoodElione ChavesSilver TrainAutoindustri Ab
2015-06-28Without Fear FR7gelding313Dansk Hesteforsikring Scandinavian Open Championship33-y-o and upOpenKlampenborgDEN2640TurfGoodElione ChavesRefuse To BendStall Bonne Nuit
2015-06-09Eye In The Sky IRE4horse414Stockholms Stora Pris34-y-o and upOpenTabySWE2145TurfGoodElione ChavesSinndarScandinavian Racing Stable Ab
2015-06-09Without Fear FR7gelding514Stockholms Stora Pris34-y-o and upOpenTabySWE2145TurfGoodEduardo PedrozaRefuse To BendStall Bonne Nuit