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82 Joseph Pride

Ranked Joseph Pride Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2014-08-23Tiger Tees NZ7gelding17Pro-Ride Warwick Stakes23-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1540TurfHeavyGlyn SchofieldDubawiA J Rix, D J Rix Et Al
2012-03-31Rain Affair AUS5gelding17Challenge Stakes23-y-o and upOpenRosehillAUS1210TurfGoodCorey BrownCommandsD W Storey
2014-03-29Tiger Tees Galaxy12-y-o and upOpenRosehillAUS1210TurfSoftNash RawillerDubawiA J Rix, D J Rix Et Al
2013-08-24Rain Affair AUS6gelding313Pro-Ride Warwick Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWarwick FarmAUS1540TurfGoodNash RawillerCommandsD W Storey
2015-10-02Ball Of Muscle AUS5gelding213City Jeep Moir Stakes13-y-o and upOpenMoonee ValleyAUS1100TurfGood To FirmGlyn SchofieldDubawiA J Rix, M J Rix Et Al
2018-10-13Ball Of Muscle AUS8gelding112Keno Schillaci Stakes23-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1210TurfGoodCraig A WilliamsDubawiA J Rix, M J Rix Et Al
2012-11-03Tiger Tees NZ5gelding312Yellowglen Stakes23-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1320TurfGoodChristian ReithDubawiA J Rix, D J Rix Et Al
2019-10-12Ball Of Muscle AUS9gelding29Alfa Romeo Schillaci Stakes23-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1210TurfGoodCraig A WilliamsDubawiA J Rix, M J Rix Et Al
2019-03-09Ball Of Muscle AUS9gelding16Hyland Race Colours Challenge Stakes23-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1100TurfGoodGlyn SchofieldDubawiA J Rix, M J Rix Et Al
2011-08-06Rain Affair AUS4gelding19MTA Missile Stakes33-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1320TurfGood To SoftCorey BrownCommandsD W Storey
2012-09-08Title AUS6gelding319Bobbie Lewis Quality Handicap34-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1320TurfGoodDwayne DunnHonours ListDr L D Nutman
2013-04-13Rain Affair AUS6gelding411Darley T J Smith Stakes12-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1320TurfGoodCorey BrownCommandsD W Storey
2014-09-06Tiger Tees NZ7gelding212Tattersalls Club Tramway Stakes23-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1540TurfHeavyCorey BrownDubawiA J Rix, D J Rix Et Al
2012-04-07Miss Keepsake NZ6mare210Inglis Queen Of The Turf Stakes13-y-o and upFillies and maresRosehillAUS1650TurfGoodChristian ReithKeeperGilgai Farm Syndicate
2012-02-25Neeson AUS6gelding29Southern Cross Handicap Stakes33-y-o and upOpenRosehillAUS1320TurfGood To SoftPeter RoblMossmanG S Bourke & Ms M D Thuillier
2012-04-21Title AUS6gelding414James Boag Galaxy12-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1210TurfGood To SoftJay FordHonours ListDr L D Nutman
2011-04-09Vision And Power NZ9gelding514Emirates Doncaster Mile Prelude33-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1760TurfGood To SoftMichael RoddCarnegieN Moraitis A M
2014-08-23Terravista AUS5gelding19Show County Quality33-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1320TurfHeavyHugh BowmanCaptain RioN B Couper, A J Rix Et Al
2015-04-06Terravista AUS6gelding310Darley T J Smith Stakes12-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1320TurfSoftHugh BowmanCaptain RioN B Couper, A J Rix Et Al
2012-03-10Rain Affair AUS5gelding622Lexus Newmarket Handicap12-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1320TurfGoodCorey BrownCommandsD W Storey