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None Juan C Villagra

Ranked Juan C Villagra Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingSireOwnerTrainer
2017-12-08Kreyna ARG4filly413Gran Premio Copa de Plata13-y-o and upFillies and maresSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodOrpenLa ManijaRoberto M Bullrich
2011-10-15Pricker ARG3horse715Premio Jockey Club13-y-oOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodBrancusiDon EmilioAgustin Pavlovsky
2015-05-25Liberty Holiday ARG3colt210Gran Premio Gran Criterium12-y-oColts and geldingsSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodHarlan's HolidayLos De ArecoJorge A Mayansky Neer
2013-02-02Rio Plateado ARG4horse310Gran Premio Miguel A Martinez De Hoz13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG2200TurfGoodPerfectperformanceCadornaHugo M Perez
2018-06-30Mirta ARG3filly510Gran Premio Estrellas Juvenile Fillies13-y-oFilliesPalermoARG1760DirtStandardTreasure BeachHaras Pozo De LunaNicolas Martin Ferro
2018-06-30Es Torrent ARG3colt511Gran Premio Estrellas Juvenile13-y-oColts and geldingsPalermoARG1760DirtStandardSidney's CandyQuereuquenJose C Blanco
2014-10-13Performada ARG3filly411Gran Premio Seleccion13-y-oFilliesPalermoARG2200DirtStandardJump StartLa EsperanzaMariano A Romero
2018-05-01Fondo Fijo ARG6horse1416Gran Premio Ciudad De Buenos Aires13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1100DirtStandardZensationalRio GuazuJulian E Vidal
2014-06-28Papa Inc ARG4horse214Gran Premio Estrellas Classic13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2200DirtStandardIncludeKeyser SozeCarlos R Giussi
2017-06-24Marc In The Rye ARG3colt514Clasico Premio Estrellas Juvenile12-y-oColts and geldingsSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodCatcher In The RyeSanta ElenaHoracio J A Torres
2012-03-10Bogeyman ARG6horse715Gran Premio Asociacion Latinoamericano De Jockey Clubs E Hipodromos13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2310DirtStandardEditor's NoteKeyser SozeJuan C Bianchi
2014-08-02Boca Inc ARG3filly39Gran Premio Mil Guineas13-y-oFilliesSan IsidroARG1760TurfHeavyIncludeLa BiznagaIgnacio Lopez
2014-11-19Mustang Force ARG7horse617Gran Premio Dardo Rocha13-y-o and upOpenLa PlataARG2640DirtSlowSunray SpiritHigh StudEdgardo O Martucci
2013-04-01Julius Top ARG4horse27Gran Premio De Honor - Copa Julio Y Carlos Menditeguy13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG2200DirtSlowGiant's CausewayLa PesadillaMiguel Cafere
2015-12-12Seattle Mat ARG4colt616Gran Premio Joaquin S de Anchorena13-y-o and upOpenSan IsidroARG1760TurfGoodSeattle FitzDe GaleraJuan C Etchechoury
2013-11-19Mr. Geraldin ARG5horse714Gran Premio Joaquin V Gonzalez13-y-o and upOpenLa PlataARG1760DirtStandardNumerousZurbaranJuan C Etchechoury
2013-05-01Forza Key ARG3horse411Gran Premio Montevideo12-y-oColtsPalermoARG1650DirtStandardKey DeputyEl AlfalfarMiguel Cafere
2017-05-01Nashville Texan ARG5horse415Gran Premio Ciudad de Buenos Aires13-y-o and upOpenPalermoARG1100DirtStandardForestrySanta ElenaAlfredo F Gaitan Dassie
2012-11-19Gato Editor ARG5horse419Gran Premio Dardo Rocha13-y-o and upOpenLa PlataARG2640DirtStandardEditor's NoteSanta PaulaMiguel Cafere
2011-11-19Fancy Cruz USA3horse1114Gran Premio Joaquin V Gonzalez13-y-o and upOpenLa PlataARG1760DirtStandardGiacomoRubio BJuan C Etchechoury