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None W Mongil

Ranked W Mongil Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2013-08-10Petit Chevalier FR5gelding17Prix Gontaut-Biron Hong Kong Jockey Club34-y-o and upOpenDeauvilleFR2200TurfGoodMaxime GuyonHigh ChaparralStephan Hoffmeister
2013-10-05Petit Chevalier FR5gelding313Qatar Prix Dollar23-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR2145TurfSoftGerald MosseHigh ChaparralStephan Hoffmeister
2014-09-14Grand Vintage FR5horse810Qatar Prix du Moulin de Longchamp13-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR1760TurfGoodStephane PasquierMarchand De SableGerman Racing Club
2015-11-01Si Luna GER6mare111Prix de Flore33-y-o and upFillies and maresSaint CloudFR2310TurfVery SoftChristophe SoumillonKallistoGestut Hof Iserneichen
2013-11-10Petit Chevalier FR5gelding28Hessen-Pokal33-y-o and upOpenFrankfurtGER2200TurfSoftAndrasch StarkeHigh ChaparralStephan Hoffmeister
2013-10-06Si Luna GER4mare49Grosser Preis Der Landeshauptstadt Dusseldorf33-y-o and upOpenDusseldorfGER1870TurfGood To SoftEddy HardouinKallistoGestut Hof Iserneichen
2015-09-27Spend The Cash IRE4horse6953rd Preis von Europa13-y-o and upOpenCologneGER2640TurfSoftJozef BojkoAdlerflugStall 5 Stars
2015-06-07Spend The Cash IRE4horse39Grosser Preis der Badischen Unternehmer24-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER2420TurfGoodEddy HardouinAdlerflugStall 5 Stars
2015-09-06Spend The Cash IRE4horse67Longines - Grosser Preis von Baden13-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER2640TurfGoodStephen HellynAdlerflugStall 5 Stars
2013-08-24Petit Chevalier FR5gelding37Preis der Sparkassen Finanzgruppe34-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER2200TurfGoodAdrie de VriesHigh ChaparralStephan Hoffmeister
2015-08-09Spend The Cash IRE4horse88Osaf Prix de Reux33-y-o and upOpenDeauvilleFR2750TurfGoodGerald MosseAdlerflugStall 5 Stars
2015-05-30Grand Vintage FR6horse511Prix du Palais-Royal33-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR1540TurfGoodOlivier PeslierMarchand De SableGerman Racing Club
2015-06-04Coco Sun FR5mare68Badener Meile23-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER1760TurfGoodOlivier PeslierMarchand De SableGerman Racing Club
2013-07-05Petit Chevalier FR5gelding27Grosser Preis Von Lotto Hamburg33-y-o and upOpenHamburgGER2200TurfGoodEddy HardouinHigh ChaparralStephan Hoffmeister
2013-11-01Grand Vintage FR4horse1016Prix Perth33-y-o and upOpenSaint CloudFR1760TurfVery SoftEddy HardouinMarchand De SableGerman Racing Club
2012-11-18Petit Chevalier FR4gelding28Hessen-Pokal33-y-o and upOpenFrankfurtGER2200TurfSoftAndrasch StarkeHigh ChaparralStephan Hoffmeister
2016-02-04Si Luna GER7mare47Cape Verdi Sponsored By EGA23-y-o and upFillies and maresMeydanUAE1760TurfGoodChristophe SoumillonKallistoGestut Hof Iserneichen
2017-04-30Olala GER4mare69Prix Allez France34-y-o and upFillies and maresChantillyFR2200TurfGoodGerald MosseTertullianRennstall Gestut Hachtsee
2016-04-28Si Luna GER7mare1112Prix Allez France34-y-o and upFillies and maresChantillyFR2200TurfSoftOlivier PeslierKallistoGestut Hof Iserneichen
2014-07-08Kaldera GER3mare47Grosser Preis von LOTTO Hamburg33-y-oFilliesHamburgGER2420TurfGood To SoftEduardo PedrozaSinndarStall Torjager