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318 T Spies

Ranked T Spies Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2018-05-26Van Halen3gelding116Tsogo Sun Gold Medallion12-y-oOpenScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodCraig ZackeyOratorioF N Englezakis, R P Macnab Et Al
2019-05-25Singforafa3filly316Allan Robertson Championship12-y-oFilliesScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodR SimonsPotala PalaceX Spies
2019-07-27Snow Palace3filly314Thekwini Stakes12-y-oFilliesGreyvilleSAF1760TurfGoodM YeniPotala PalaceDr M Taljaardt & R P Macnab & X Spies
2019-07-27What You Are3filly514Thekwini Stakes12-y-oFilliesGreyvilleSAF1760TurfGoodC OrfferCaptain Of AllT Spies & Cape Leopard Trust
2019-05-25What You Are3filly716Allan Robertson Championship12-y-oFilliesScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodC OrfferCaptain Of AllT Spies & Cape Leopard Trust
2020-06-27Singforafa4filly513Computaform Sprint12-y-o and upOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF1100TurfGoodCallan MurrayPotala PalaceX Spies
2019-05-04Van Halen4gelding1017Computaform Sprint12-y-o and upOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF1100TurfGoodD SchwarzOratorioF N Englezakis, R P Macnab Et Al
2019-05-04Basilius4gelding1317Computaform Sprint12-y-o and upOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF1100TurfGoodJarryd PennyPotala PalaceR P Macnab, M Esterhuyse Et Al
2019-05-25Me Time3filly816Allan Robertson Championship12-y-oFilliesScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodM YeniGimmethegreenlightL J Bouwer, D G De Villiers Et Al
2019-05-25Van Halen4gelding1416Tsogo Sun Sprint12-y-o and upOpenScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodD SchwarzOratorioF N Englezakis, R P Macnab Et Al
2019-07-27Cockney Pride3filly814Thekwini Stakes12-y-oFilliesGreyvilleSAF1760TurfGoodCraig ZackeyQuerariA Pawson, F N Englezakis Et Al
2019-07-27Gallic Princess3filly1114Thekwini Stakes12-y-oFilliesGreyvilleSAF1760TurfGoodDonovan DillonVercingetorixBrooklyn Bullet Trust & G D E Kahan
2018-05-26Mazari3filly916Allan Robertson Championship12-y-oFilliesScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodCraig ZackeyBold SilvanoR P Macnab, R S Chapman Et Al
2019-05-25Loosen Your Tie3gelding1416Tsogo Sun Gold Medallion12-y-oOpenScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodD SchwarzBlack MinnalousheX Spies
2019-07-27Van Halen4gelding614Mercury Sprint12-y-o and upOpenGreyvilleSAF1320TurfGoodCraig ZackeyOratorioF N Englezakis, R P Macnab Et Al
2018-05-26Star Flyer3filly1516Allan Robertson Championship12-y-oFilliesScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodJarryd PennySail From SeattleF Van Wyk, W P Benade Et Al
2018-07-28Mazari3filly1214Thekwini Stakes12-y-oFilliesGreyvilleSAF1760TurfGoodCraig ZackeyBold SilvanoR P Macnab, R S Chapman Et Al
2018-07-28Cyber Special3gelding811Premiers Champion Stakes12-y-oOpenGreyvilleSAF1760TurfGoodCraig ZackeyAshaawesR P Macnab, P J Louwrens & T P Zackey
2018-12-15Van Halen3gelding88Cape Guineas13-y-oOpenKenilworthSAF1760TurfGoodCraig ZackeyOratorioF N Englezakis, R P Macnab Et Al
2019-07-27Loosen Your Tie3gelding1214Premiers Champion Stakes12-y-oOpenGreyvilleSAF1760TurfGoodC OrfferBlack MinnalousheX Spies