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286 T Haidar

Ranked T Haidar Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2019-05-04Alegria Afleet BRZ4filly116Grande Premio O.S.A.F.13-y-o and upFillies and maresCidade JardimBRZ2200TurfSoftVagner LealRedattoreHaras Old Friends Ltda
2018-05-05La Vie En Rose BRZ5mare110Grande Premio O.S.A.F.13-y-o and upFillies and maresCidade JardimBRZ2200TurfGoodJeane AlvesNedawiNeverending Stud
2018-05-06Gibraltar Point BRZ4colt116Grande Premio Presidente Da Republica - Csn13-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBRZ1760TurfGoodCarlos LavorRock Of GibraltarHaras Kigrandi
2017-09-02Gibraltar Point BRZ3colt17Grande Premio Ipiranga13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ1760TurfGoodCarlos LavorRock Of GibraltarHaras Kigrandi
2019-05-05Bien Sureno BRZ3colt212Grande Premio Juliano Martins12-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ1650TurfSoftJorge A RicardoFirst AmericanNeverending Stud
2019-05-05Journal Du Soir BRZ4colt210Grande Premio Presidente Da Republica13-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBRZ1760TurfSoftVagner LealAmigoniCoudelaria Fantastic
2018-05-06Sammy BRZ4colt314Grande Premio Sao Paulo - Black Opal13-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBRZ2640TurfGoodV SouzaFirst AmericanStud Bettina
2019-05-04Allez Piaf BRZ5mare216Grande Premio O.S.A.F.13-y-o and upFillies and maresCidade JardimBRZ2200TurfSoftV SouzaPouncedStud Hole In One
2019-08-03Bien Sureno BRZ3colt311Grande Premio J Adhemar de Almeida Prado13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ1760TurfGood To SoftE PereiraFirst AmericanNeverending Stud
2018-09-01Aviao Sureno BRZ3colt39Grande Premio Ipiranga13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ1760TurfSoftJeane AlvesFirst AmericanNeverending Stud
2019-05-05Best Magee BRZ3filly48Grande Premio Jocao Cecillo Ferraz12-y-oFilliesCidade JardimBRZ1650TurfSoftW S CardosoPioneeringCoudelaria Fantastic
2019-06-08Allez Piaf BRZ5mare514Grande Premio Roberto E Nelson Seabra13-y-o and upFillies and maresGaveaBRZ2200TurfHeavyVagner LealPouncedStud Hole In One
2018-05-06Aviao Sureno BRZ3colt38Grande Premio Juliano Martins - Brasilata12-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ1650TurfGoodE PereiraFirst AmericanNeverending Stud
2019-09-07Head Office BRZ3colt38Grande Premio Ipiranga13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ1760TurfGoodJeane AlvesWild EventStud Alessio & Naela
2018-06-09La Vie En Rose BRZ5mare58Grande Premio Roberto E Nelson Grimaldi Seabra13-y-o and upFilliesGaveaBRZ2200TurfHeavyJeane AlvesNedawiNeverending Stud
2019-09-07Bien Sureno BRZ3colt48Grande Premio Ipiranga13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ1760TurfGoodE PereiraFirst AmericanNeverending Stud
2019-07-06Sassy Race BRZ3filly37Grande Premio Barao de Piracicaba13-y-oFilliesCidade JardimBRZ1760TurfHeavyR NunesSaltoHaras San Francesco
2019-09-07Sassy Race BRZ3filly49Grande Premio Henrique De Toledo Lara13-y-oFilliesCidade JardimBRZ1980TurfGoodE PereiraSaltoHaras San Francesco
2016-08-06Kilimanjaro BRZ4colt812Premio Copa ABCPCC Classica Matias Machline14-y-o and upOpenCidade JardimBRZ2200TurfSoftVagner LealTime For FunAlessio & Naela
2018-06-10Sammy BRZ4colt719Grande Premio Brasil13-y-o and upOpenGaveaBRZ2640TurfHeavyM AlmeidaFirst AmericanStud Bettina