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None P S De Deus

Ranked P S De Deus Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2018-08-04Touriga BRZ3filly110Grande Premio Margarida Polak Lara13-y-oFilliesGaveaBRZ1760TurfSoftJorge A RicardoPut It BackHaras Dilema
2016-11-06Esfinge BRZ3filly28Grande Premio Diana13-y-oFilliesCidade JardimBRZ2200TurfSoftCarlos LavorWild EventStud Ghadeer
2018-08-04Arrocha BRZ4colt19Copa ABCPCC Classica - Mathias Machline14-y-o and upOpenGaveaBRZ2200TurfSoftJorge A RicardoPouncedHaras Estrela Nova
2019-02-17Mendieta BRZ4filly411Grande Premio Henrique Possolo13-y-oFilliesGaveaBRZ1760TurfHeavyJorge A RicardoCape TownStud Red Rafa
2016-11-06Salto Olimpico BRZ3colt411Grande Premio Derby Paulista13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ2640TurfSoftCarlos LavorHoly Roman EmperorHaras Regina
2018-08-04Fantastic Boy BRZ4colt49Copa ABCPCC Classica - Mathias Machline14-y-o and upOpenGaveaBRZ2200TurfSoftA M SouzaWild EventBlack Opal Stud
2018-08-04Mona Hatoum BRZ3filly712Grande Premio Barao de Piracicaba13-y-oFilliesCidade JardimBRZ1760TurfSoftV SouzaT. H. ApprovalStud Red Rafa
2018-11-10Olympic Ipswich BRZ3colt214Derby Paulista13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ2640TurfGood To SoftW S CardosoShanghai BobbyHaras Regina
2019-02-17Olympic Impact BRZ4colt79Grande Premio Estado do Rio de Janeiro13-y-oColts and geldingsGaveaBRZ1760TurfHeavyW S CardosoRedattoreHaras Regina
2018-10-06Olympic Impact BRZ3colt48Grande Premio Linneo de Paula Machado - Grande Criterium13-y-oColts and geldingsGaveaBRZ2200TurfHeavyW S CardosoRedattoreHaras Regina
2018-08-04Olympic Ipswich BRZ3colt711Grande Premio J Adhemar de Almeida Prado13-y-oColts and geldingsGaveaBRZ1760TurfSoftW BlandiShanghai BobbyHaras Regina
2019-02-17Olympic India BRZ4filly811Grande Premio Henrique Possolo13-y-oFilliesGaveaBRZ1760TurfHeavyW BlandiShanghai BobbyHaras Regina
2019-02-17Mariko Mori BRZ4filly1011Grande Premio Henrique Possolo13-y-oFilliesGaveaBRZ1760TurfHeavyCarlos LavorCape TownStud Red Rafa
2016-11-06Olympic Georgia BRZ3filly88Grande Premio Diana13-y-oFilliesCidade JardimBRZ2200TurfSoftV SouzaMr. NedawiHaras Regina
2018-11-10Olympic Idaho BRZ3colt714Derby Paulista13-y-oOpenCidade JardimBRZ2640TurfGood To SoftA M SouzaActeon ManBlack Opal Stud
2018-10-06Trem Bala BRZ3colt78Grande Premio Linneo de Paula Machado - Grande Criterium13-y-oColts and geldingsGaveaBRZ2200TurfHeavyJorge A RicardoFirst AmericanHaras Regina