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219 Nicolo Simondi

Ranked Nicolo Simondi Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2018-10-21Anda Muchacho IRE4horse110Premio Vittorio di Capua23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1760TurfGoodFabio BrancaHelmetScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2017-11-26Anda Muchacho IRE3colt19Premio Roma GBI Racing23-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY2200TurfHeavyDario VargiuHelmetScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2019-09-22Anda Muchacho IRE5horse17Premio del Piazzale Memorial Enrico Camici33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1870TurfGoodAntonio FresuHelmetScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2019-10-20Anda Muchacho IRE5horse28Premio Vittorio di Capua23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1760TurfHeavyAntonio FresuHelmetScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2017-10-15Anda Muchacho IRE3colt17Premio del Piazzale M Enrico Camici33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1980TurfGoodDario VargiuHelmetScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2020-06-07Brasilian Man IRE4colt16Premio Ambrosiano34-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY2200TurfHeavyGerald MosseTeofiloScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2017-09-24Greg Pass IRE5gelding25Premio Vittorio di Capua23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1760TurfGoodDario VargiuRaven's PassScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2020-06-28Brasilian Man IRE4colt47Gran Premio di Milano23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY2200TurfGoodGerald MosseTeofiloScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2019-06-09Anda Muchacho IRE5horse17Premio Carlo Vittadini33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1760TurfGoodAntonio FresuHelmetScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2019-05-19Anda Muchacho IRE5horse24Premio Presidente della Repubblica24-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY1980TurfHeavyFabio BrancaHelmetScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2019-05-19Azzurro Cobalto ITY4gelding25Premio Carlo d'Alessio34-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY2640TurfHeavyFabio BrancaAussie RulesScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2018-11-04Anda Muchacho IRE4horse35Premio GBI Racing Roma Champion23-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY2200TurfHeavyFabio BrancaHelmetScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2019-05-19O'juke FR4gelding35Premio Carlo d'Alessio34-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY2640TurfHeavySergio UrruJukebox JuryScuderia Allegria & G Martone
2019-11-03Villabate IRE4gelding26Premio Ribot - Mem. Loreto Luciani33-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY1760TurfHeavyClaudio ColombiHoly Roman EmperorDomenico Pellitteri
2020-07-05Auyantepui GB3filly111Premio Oaks d'Italia23-y-oFilliesSan SiroITY2420TurfGoodClaudio ColombiNight Of ThunderWe Bloodstock Srl
2019-05-19Agente Segreto IRE3colt512136th Derby Italiano23-y-oColts and filliesCapannelleITY2420TurfHeavyFabio BrancaMastercraftsmanScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2020-07-12Masterwin IRE3colt313137th Derby Italiano Universita Campus Bio-Medico di Roma23-y-oOpenCapannelleITY2420TurfGoodClaudio ColombiMastercraftsmanScuderia Allegria & G Martone
2017-10-29Greg Pass IRE5gelding57Premio Ribot Memorial Loreto Luciani33-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY1760TurfGoodDario VargiuRaven's PassScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo
2020-06-14Sicomoro ITY3colt310Premio Parioli Shadwell33-y-oColtsCapannelleITY1760TurfSoftClaudio ColombiSakhee's SecretChristian Troger
2020-07-12Azzurro Cobalto ITY5gelding48Premio Carlo d'Alessio34-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY2640TurfGoodGerald MosseAussie RulesScuderia Incolinx & Diego Romeo