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None Frau Erika Mader

Ranked Frau Erika Mader Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2014-08-17Red Dubawi IRE6horse55Prix du Haras de Fresnay-le-Buffard - Jacques Le Marois13-y-o and upOpenDeauvilleFR1760TurfSoftEddy HardouinDubawiZalim Bifov
2015-09-27Red Dubawi IRE7horse111Premio Vittorio di Capua13-y-o and upOpenSan SiroITY1760TurfGood To SoftA SuboricsDubawiZalim Bifov
2014-07-13Red Dubawi IRE6horse111Grosser Preis Der VGH Versicherungen23-y-o and upOpenHanoverGER1760TurfGoodEddy HardouinDubawiZalim Bifov
2014-10-30Red Dubawi IRE6horse513Prix Perth33-y-o and upOpenSaint CloudFR1760TurfSoftEddy HardouinDubawiZalim Bifov
2014-05-29Red Dubawi IRE6horse19Badener Meile33-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER1760TurfGoodEddy HardouinDubawiZalim Bifov
2014-06-22Red Dubawi IRE6horse38Grosser Preis Der Wirtschaft33-y-o and upOpenDortmundGER1925TurfGoodEddy HardouinDubawiZalim Bifov
2015-07-12Red Dubawi IRE7horse36Grosser Audi Q7 Preis des Audi Zentrums Hannover - Meilen Trophy23-y-o and upOpenHanoverGER1760TurfGood To SoftDennis SchiergenDubawiZalim Bifov
2015-04-05Red Dubawi IRE7horse89Prix Edmond Blanc34-y-o and upOpenSaint CloudFR1760TurfVery SoftEddy HardouinDubawiZalim Bifov
2018-05-31Savile Row FR4gelding81140th Badener Meile23-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER1760TurfGoodKoen ClijmansRansom O'warCapricorn Stud
2020-05-23K Club IRE4filly211Preis der Annette Hellwig Stiftung - Silberne Peitsche33-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER1320TurfGood To SoftMartin SeidlKodiacStall Walzertraum
2017-05-21Savile Row FR3gelding59Mehl-Mulhens-Rennen - German 2000 Guineas23-y-oColts and filliesCologneGER1760TurfGoodKoen ClijmansRansom O'warCapricorn Stud
2015-06-04Red Dubawi IRE7horse78Badener Meile23-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER1760TurfGoodEddy HardouinDubawiZalim Bifov
2014-09-03Red Dubawi IRE6horse69Darley Oettingen-Rennen23-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER1760TurfSoftEddy HardouinDubawiZalim Bifov
2017-04-23Savile Row FR3gelding310Preis der Wohnstatte Krefeld Wohnungs-Aktiengesellschaft - Dr. Busch-Memorial33-y-oOpenKrefeldGER1870TurfGoodKoen ClijmansRansom O'warCapricorn Stud
2020-09-06K Club IRE4filly311150th Casino Baden-Baden Goldene Peitsche33-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER1320TurfGoodMartin SeidlKodiacStall Walzertraum
2020-07-10K Club IRE4filly17Grosser Preis von LOTTO Hamburg33-y-o and upOpenHamburgGER1320TurfSoftMartin SeidlKodiacStall Walzertraum
2015-09-03Red Dubawi IRE7horse49Darley Oettingen-Rennen23-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER1760TurfGoodA SuboricsDubawiZalim Bifov
2018-06-24Savile Row FR4gelding810Grosser Preis der Wirtschaft33-y-o and upOpenDortmundGER1925TurfGoodKoen ClijmansRansom O'warCapricorn Stud
2012-08-29Se Gray USA2horse39Belmondo Zukunfts-Rennen32-y-oOpenBaden BadenGER1540TurfGood To SoftAdrie de VriesBernsteinTix Racing
2016-10-05Savile Row FR2colt78Prix Thomas Bryon32-y-oOpenSaint CloudFR1540TurfGoodEddy HardouinRansom O'warCapricorn Stud Sa