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None Charles L Dickey

Ranked Charles L Dickey Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2018-05-12One Go All Go6horse38Man O' War Stakes14-y-o and upOpenBelmont ParkUSA2420TurfGoodChris LanderosFairbanksRodney Paden
2018-03-31One Go All Go6horse29Pan American Stakes24-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA2640TurfFirmChris LanderosFairbanksRodney Paden
2018-01-13One Go All Go6horse28Ft. Lauderdale Stakes24-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1870TurfGoodChris LanderosFairbanksRodney Paden
2018-03-03One Go All Go6horse212Mac Diarmida Stakes24-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA2420TurfFirmChris LanderosFairbanksRodney Paden
2018-02-10One Go All Go6horse48Gulfstream Park Turf Stakes14-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1980TurfFirmChris LanderosFairbanksRodney Paden
2018-04-21One Go All Go6horse111Dixiana Elkhorn Stakes24-y-o and upOpenKeenelandUSA2640TurfFirmChris LanderosFairbanksRodney Paden
2017-10-07Flatlined5gelding914Shadwell Turf Mile Stakes13-y-o and upOpenKeenelandUSA1760TurfFirmJoseph Rocco JrFlatterBrian Hytrek, Rodney Paden & Ryan Kuhn
2018-06-09One Go All Go6horse1113Woodford Reserve Manhattan Stakes14-y-o and upOpenBelmont ParkUSA2200TurfFirmChris LanderosFairbanksRodney Paden
2018-06-30One Go All Go6horse99United Nations Stakes13-y-o and upOpenMonmouth ParkUSA2420TurfFirmChris LanderosFairbanksRodney Paden
2017-12-16One Go All Go5horse88Tropical Turf Stakes33-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1760TurfFirmChris LanderosFairbanksRodney Paden
2018-06-17Flatlined6gelding77Wise Dan Stakes23-y-o and upOpenChurchill DownsUSA1870TurfFirmCorey J LanerieFlatterBrian Hytrek, Rodney Paden & Ryan Kuhn
2017-12-16Flatlined5gelding79Harlan's Holiday Stakes33-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1870DirtFastJoel RosarioFlatterBrian Hytrek, Rodney Paden & Ryan Kuhn