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None C Lerner

Ranked C Lerner Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireOwner
2016-06-16Mille Et Mille GB6gelding417Gold Cup In Honour of The Queen's 90th Birthday14-y-o and upOpenAscotGB4400TurfSoftThierry ThulliezMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2016-10-23Mille Et Mille GB6gelding415Prix Royal-Oak13-y-o and upOpenSaint CloudFR3410TurfGood To SoftThierry ThulliezMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2015-10-04Mille Et Mille GB5gelding110Qatar Prix du Cadran14-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR4400TurfGoodThierry ThulliezMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2016-10-01Mille Et Mille GB6gelding512Qatar Prix du Cadran14-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR4510TurfGoodThierry ThulliezMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2015-10-25Mille Et Mille GB5gelding313Prix Royal-Oak13-y-oOpenSaint CloudFR3410TurfSoftThierry ThulliezMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2018-07-14Mille Et Mille GB8gelding56Prix Maurice de Nieuil24-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR3080TurfGoodCristian DemuroMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2018-05-27Mille Et Mille GB8gelding310Prix Vicomtesse Vigier24-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR3300TurfGood To SoftCristian DemuroMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2017-09-30Mille Et Mille GB7gelding26Qatar Prix du Cadran14-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR4510TurfSoftFranck BlondelMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2016-09-11Mille Et Mille GB6gelding66Qatar Prix Gladiateur34-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR3300TurfGoodThierry ThulliezMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2016-04-24Mille Et Mille GB6gelding1012Prix de Barbeville34-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR3300TurfGood To SoftThierry ThulliezMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2018-06-10Marathon Man GB4horse210Morocco Cup - La Coupe34-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR2200TurfGood To SoftChristophe SoumillonSo You ThinkEcurie Des Charmes
2013-07-21Vedeux IRE2horse39Prix Robert Papin22-y-oColts and filliesMaisons LaffitteFR1210TurfGoodMarc LernerElusive CityP Hoze & Ecurie Haras Du Cadran
2017-07-14Mille Et Mille GB7gelding710Prix Maurice de Nieuil24-y-o and upOpenSaint CloudFR3080TurfGoodFranck BlondelMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2018-08-19Mille Et Mille GB8gelding510Darley Prix Kergorlay23-y-o and upOpenDeauvilleFR3300TurfGoodCristian DemuroMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2016-07-14Mille Et Mille GB6gelding66Prix Maurice de Nieuil24-y-o and upOpenSaint CloudFR3080TurfGood To SoftThierry ThulliezMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2013-06-30Vedeux IRE2horse18Prix du Bois32-y-oOpenChantillyFR1100TurfGood To SoftMarc LernerElusive CityP Hoze & Ecurie Haras Du Cadran
2015-05-24Mille Et Mille GB5gelding26Prix Vicomtesse Vigier24-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR3410TurfGoodThierry ThulliezMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2018-04-29Mille Et Mille GB8gelding911Prix de Barbeville34-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR3410TurfGoodFranck BlondelMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel
2019-08-18Mille Et Mille GB9gelding48Darley Prix Kergorlay23-y-o and upOpenDeauvilleFR3300TurfHeavyCristian DemuroMuhtathirAlexis Anghert
2018-10-06Mille Et Mille GB8gelding58Qatar Prix du Cadran14-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR4400TurfGoodCristian DemuroMuhtathirNicolas Saltiel