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138 Soldier Hollow

Ranked Soldier Hollow Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeyOwnerTrainer
2012-07-29Pastorius GER3horse17Grosser Dallmayr-Preis - Bayerisches Zuchtrennen13-y-o and upOpenMunichGER2200TurfSoftAndrasch StarkeStall AntanandoMario Hofer
2013-04-28Pastorius GER4horse19Prix Ganay14-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR2310TurfGoodOlivier PeslierStall AntanandoMario Hofer
2012-10-20Pastorius GER3horse46Qipco Champion Stakes13-y-o and upOpenAscotGB2200TurfSoftFrankie DettoriStall AntanandoMario Hofer
2017-09-10Dschingis Secret GER4horse16Qatar Prix Foy24-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR2640TurfSoftAdrie de VriesHorst PudwillMarkus Klug
2018-06-03Dschingis Secret GER5horse27Grand Prix de Chantilly24-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR2640TurfSoftMartin SeidlHorst PudwillMarkus Klug
2017-10-01Dschingis Secret GER4horse618Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe13-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR2640TurfSoftAdrie de VriesHorst PudwillMarkus Klug
2017-07-01Dschingis Secret - Grosser Hansa-Preis23-y-o and upOpenHamburgGER2640TurfHeavyMartin SeidlHorst PudwillMarkus Klug
2017-08-13Dschingis Secret GER4horse17127th Longines Grosser Preis von Berlin13-y-o and upOpenHoppegartenGER2640TurfGoodAdrie de VriesHorst PudwillMarkus Klug
2014-11-01Our Ivanhowe GER4horse114Pastorius - Grosser Preis von Bayern13-y-o and upOpenMunichGER2640TurfSoftFilip MinarikGestut SchlenderhanJean-Pierre Carvalho
2012-09-02Pastorius GER3horse37Longines - Grosser Preis Von Baden13-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER2640TurfGoodAdrie de VriesStall AntanandoMario Hofer
2014-09-07Our Ivanhowe GER4horse111Longines - Grosser Preis Von Baden13-y-o and upOpenBaden BadenGER2640TurfGoodFilip MinarikGestut SchlenderhanJean-Pierre Carvalho
2017-11-01Dschingis Secret GER4horse39Pastorius - Grosser Preis von Bayern13-y-o and upOpenMunichGER2640TurfSoftAdrie de VriesHorst PudwillMarkus Klug
2017-03-18Ivanhowe GER7horse17Ranvet Stakes13-y-o and upOpenRosehillAUS2200TurfHeavyKerrin McEvoyA Kheir Et AlAnthony Freedman
2015-10-17Our Ivanhowe GER5horse318BMW Caulfield Cup13-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS2640TurfGoodBen MelhamA Kheir Et AlAnthony Freedman
2014-11-30Our Ivanhowe GER4horse618Japan Cup13-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN2640TurfFirmFilip MinarikGestut SchlenderhanJean-Pierre Carvalho
2017-05-07Dschingis Secret GER4horse16Gerling-Preis24-y-o and upOpenCologneGER2640TurfGoodAdrie de VriesHorst PudwillMarkus Klug
2015-10-04Our Ivanhowe GER5horse216The Bart Cummings33-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2772TurfGoodBen MelhamA Kheir Et AlAnthony Freedman
2018-07-01Dschingis Secret - Grosser Hansa-Preis23-y-o and upOpenHamburgGER2640TurfGoodMartin SeidlHorst PudwillMarkus Klug
2014-06-01Our Ivanhowe GER4horse68Grand Prix de Chantilly24-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR2640TurfGoodGerald MosseGestut SchlenderhanJean-Pierre Carvalho
2015-11-03Our Ivanhowe GER5horse1024Emirates Melbourne Cup13-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS3520TurfGoodBen MelhamA Kheir Et AlAnthony Freedman