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377 Mujahid

Ranked Mujahid Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeyOwnerTrainer
2019-04-22Dirk5horse15Premio Ambrosiano33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroItaly2200TurfGoodCarlo FiocchiQuafin SpaAlduino Botti
2018-05-20Menuhin4horse26Premio Carlo d'Alessio34-y-o and upOpenCapannelleItaly2640TurfGoodAntonio FresuScuderia Ste MaAlduino Botti
2018-06-10Dirk4horse25Premio Ambrosiano33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroItaly2200TurfSoftEduardo PedrozaQuafin SpaAlduino Botti
2018-09-23Dirk4horse19Premio del Piazzale Memorial Enrico Camici33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroItaly1980TurfGoodCristian DemuroQuafin SpaAlduino Botti
2019-05-19Dirk5horse44Premio Presidente della Repubblica24-y-o and upOpenCapannelleItaly1980TurfHeavyCristian DemuroQuafin SpaAlduino Botti
2018-04-29Act Of War3filly112Premio Regina Elena Shadwell33-y-oFilliesCapannelleItaly1760TurfGoodAntonio FresuDioscuri SrlEndo Botti
2018-07-01Dirk4horse38Premio del Giubileo33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroItaly1980TurfGoodEduardo PedrozaQuafin SpaAlduino Botti
2018-09-23Close Your Eyes3filly511Premio Elena e Sergio Cumani33-y-o and upFillies and maresSan SiroItaly1760TurfGoodDario VargiuScuderia New Age SrlAlduino Botti
2018-07-01Perego5gelding88Premio del Giubileo33-y-o and upOpenSan SiroItaly1980TurfGoodAntonio FresuScuderia TopeekaSilvia Casati
2018-10-21Dirk4horse910Premio Vittorio di Capua23-y-o and upOpenSan SiroItaly1760TurfGoodSilvano MulasQuafin SpaAlduino Botti
2018-06-10Act Of War3filly912Oaks d'Iitalia23-y-oFilliesSan SiroItaly2420TurfSoftAntonio FresuDioscuri SrlEndo Botti
2018-09-23Act Of War3filly1011Premio Elena e Sergio Cumani33-y-o and upFillies and maresSan SiroItaly1760TurfGoodCarlo FiocchiDioscuri SrlEndo Botti
2019-06-23Lovely Smile2colt710Premio Primi Passi32-y-oOpenSan SiroItaly1320TurfGood To SoftCristian DemuroScuderia Del Giglio Sardo SrlAlduino Botti
2018-11-04Perego5gelding55Premio GBI Racing Roma Champion23-y-o and upOpenCapannelleItaly2200TurfHeavySalvatore BasileScuderia TopeekaSilvia Casati