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77 Harbinger

Ranked Harbinger Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeyOwnerTrainer
2018-12-23Blast Onepiece JPN3colt116Arima Kinen13-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN2750TurfFirmKenichi IkezoeSilk Racing Co LtdMasahiro Otake
2019-08-18Blast Onepiece JPN4horse114Sapporo Kinen23-y-o and upOpenSapporoJPN2200TurfFirmYuga KawadaSilk Racing Co LtdMasahiro Otake
2017-04-16Persian Knight JPN3colt218Satsuki Sho13-y-oColts and filliesNakayamaJPN2200TurfFirmMirco DemuroG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2018-11-18Persian Knight JPN4horse218Mile Championship13-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfFirmMirco DemuroG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2018-04-01Persian Knight JPN4horse216Osaka Hai14-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN2200TurfFirmYuichi FukunagaG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2020-01-26Blast Onepiece JPN5horse112American Jockey Club Cup24-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN2420TurfGoodYuga KawadaSilk Racing Co LtdMasahiro Otake
2019-08-01Deirdre JPN5mare19Qatar Nassau Stakes13-y-o and upFillies and maresGoodwoodGB2177TurfGoodOisin MurphyToji MoritaMitsuru Hashida
2019-08-18Persian Knight JPN5horse514Sapporo Kinen23-y-o and upOpenSapporoJPN2200TurfFirmMirco DemuroG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2019-11-17Persian Knight JPN5horse317Mile Championship13-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfFirmOisin MurphyG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2017-02-25Persian Knight JPN3colt112Arlington Cup33-y-oOpenHanshinJPN1760TurfFirmMirco DemuroG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2018-10-20Persian Knight JPN4horse518Fuji Stakes33-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1760TurfFirmMirco DemuroG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2017-11-19Persian Knight JPN3colt118Mile Championship13-y-o and upOpenKyotoJPN1760TurfGoodMirco DemuroG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2018-05-27Blast Onepiece JPN3colt518Tokyo Yushun13-y-oOpenTokyoJPN2640TurfFirmKenichi IkezoeSilk Racing Co LtdMasahiro Otake
2019-03-10Persian Knight JPN5horse413Kinko Sho24-y-o and upOpenChukyoJPN2200TurfGoodMirco DemuroG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2019-09-14Deirdre JPN5mare48QIPCO Irish Champion Stakes13-y-o and upOpenLeopardstownIRE2200TurfGoodOisin MurphyToji MoritaMitsuru Hashida
2020-07-05Deirdre JPN6mare57Coral-Eclipse14-y-o and upOpenSandownGB2189TurfGood To FirmOisin MurphyToji MoritaMitsuru Hashida
2018-09-02Blast Onepiece JPN3colt113Niigata Kinen33-y-o and upOpenNiigataJPN2200TurfFirmKenichi IkezoeSilk Racing Co LtdMasahiro Otake
2019-10-06Persian Knight JPN5horse410Mainichi Okan23-y-o and upOpenTokyoJPN1980TurfFirmAndrasch StarkeG1 Racing Co LtdYasutoshi Ikee
2019-10-19Deirdre JPN5mare39Qipco Champion Stakes13-y-o and upOpenAscotGB2200TurfSoftOisin MurphyToji MoritaMitsuru Hashida
2019-03-31Blast Onepiece JPN4horse614Osaka Hai14-y-o and upOpenHanshinJPN2200TurfFirmKenichi IkezoeSilk Racing Co LtdMasahiro Otake