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224 French Fifteen

Ranked French Fifteen Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeyOwnerTrainer
2019-08-11French King GB4horse16129th Longines Grosser Preis von Berlin13-y-o and upOpenHoppegartenGER2640TurfGoodOlivier PeslierH H Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al ThaniH-A Pantall
2019-06-30French King Grosser Hansa Preis23-y-o and upOpenHamburgGER2640TurfGoodOlivier PeslierH H Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al ThaniH-A Pantall
2019-05-05French King GB4horse17Carl Jaspers-Preis24-y-o and upOpenCologneGER2640TurfGoodOlivier PeslierH H Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al ThaniH-A Pantall
2020-05-31French King GB5horse26Grand Prix de Chantilly24-y-o and upOpenDeauvilleFR2750TurfGoodOlivier PeslierH H Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al ThaniH-A Pantall
2019-06-02Sestilio Jet FR4horse25Prix du Gros-Chene23-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR1100TurfGoodFrankie DettoriAkhal Teke PropertiesAndrea Marcialis
2019-05-12Sestilio Jet FR4horse19Prix de Saint-Georges33-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR1100TurfHeavyFrankie DettoriAkhal Teke PropertiesAndrea Marcialis
2019-09-15Sestilio Jet FR4horse412Qatar Prix du Petit Couvert33-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR1100TurfGoodFrankie DettoriAkhal Teke PropertiesAndrea Marcialis
2020-05-11Sestilio Jet FR5horse310Prix de Saint-Georges33-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR1100TurfVery SoftAlexis BadelAkhal Teke PropertiesAndrea Marcialis
2020-05-31Sestilio Jet FR5horse69Prix du Gros-Chene23-y-o and upOpenDeauvilleFR1100TurfGoodAlexis BadelAkhal Teke PropertiesAndrea Marcialis
2017-09-20French Pegasus FR2colt35Prix Eclipse32-y-oOpenMaisons LaffitteFR1320TurfHeavyPierre-Charles BoudotJean Justin FournierY Barberot
2017-10-13French Pegasus FR2colt33Criterium de Maisons-Laffitte22-y-oOpenMaisons LaffitteFR1320TurfSoftPierre-Charles BoudotJean Justin FournierY Barberot
2019-10-06Sestilio Jet FR4horse816Prix de l'Abbaye de Longchamp Longines12-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR1100TurfVery SoftFrankie DettoriAkhal Teke PropertiesAndrea Marcialis
2017-06-25Sestilio Jet FR2colt28Premio Primi Passi32-y-oOpenSan SiroITY1320TurfHeavyPierantonio ConvertinoAkhal Teke PropertiesAntonio Marcialis
2019-10-06French King GB4horse912Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe13-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR2640TurfVery SoftOlivier PeslierH H Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al ThaniH-A Pantall