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Ranked Your Story Results – last three years

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireTrainer
2016-12-18Monde Can Know JPN2colt218Asahi Hai Futurity Stakes12-y-oColts and filliesHanshinJPN1760TurfFirmMickael BarzalonaKinshasa No KisekiTakayuki Yasuda
2016-11-05Monde Can Know JPN2colt113Keio Hai Nisai Stakes22-y-oOpenTokyoJPN1540TurfFirmChristophe LemaireKinshasa No KisekiTakayuki Yasuda
2015-11-07Odysseus JPN2colt618Keio Hai Nisai Stakes22-y-oOpenTokyoJPN1540TurfFirmKosei MiuraFalbravTakahisa Tezuka
2017-05-07Monde Can Know JPN3colt918NHK Mile Cup13-y-oColts and filliesTokyoJPN1760TurfFirmChristophe LemaireKinshasa No KisekiTakayuki Yasuda
2016-07-24Monde Can Know JPN2colt216Hakodate Nisai Stakes32-y-oOpenHakodateJPN1320TurfFirmKeita TosakiKinshasa No KisekiTakayuki Yasuda
2016-06-19Odysseus JPN3colt716Hakodate Sprint Stakes33-y-o and upOpenHakodateJPN1320TurfFirmKeita TosakiFalbravTakahisa Tezuka
2017-10-01Monde Can Know JPN3colt1416Sprinters Stakes13-y-o and upOpenNakayamaJPN1320TurfFirmKenichi IkezoeKinshasa No KisekiTakayuki Yasuda
2017-08-27Monde Can Know JPN3colt613Keeneland Cup33-y-o and upOpenSapporoJPN1320TurfFirmKeita TosakiKinshasa No KisekiTakayuki Yasuda
2016-08-28Odysseus JPN3colt914Keeneland Cup33-y-o and upOpenSapporoJPN1320TurfFirmHiroyuki UchidaFalbravTakahisa Tezuka
2016-02-27Odysseus JPN3colt1014Arlington Cup33-y-oOpenHanshinJPN1760TurfFirmYutaka TakeFalbravTakahisa Tezuka
2020-04-19Tempin JPN3colt1818Satsuki Sho13-y-oColts and filliesNakayamaJPN2200TurfGoodYuji NakaiJust A WayTakayuki Yasuda
2017-03-19Monde Can Know JPN3colt1011Fuji TV Sho Spring Stakes23-y-oColts and filliesNakayamaJPN1980TurfFirmTakuya OnoKinshasa No KisekiTakayuki Yasuda
2015-07-26Odysseus JPN2colt1416Hakodate Nisai Stakes32-y-oOpenHakodateJPN1320TurfGoodHayato YoshidaFalbravTakahisa Tezuka