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68 William St

Ranked William St Results – last three years

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireTrainer
2019-04-06Santa Ana Lane AUS7gelding111Aquis T J Smith Stakes12-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1320TurfSoftMark ZahraLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2019-03-09Santa Ana Lane AUS7gelding522Seppelt Wines Newmarket Handicap12-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1320TurfGoodBen MelhamLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2018-11-10Santa Ana Lane AUS6gelding114VRC Sprint Classic12-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1320TurfGoodMark ZahraLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2018-06-09Santa Ana Lane AUS6gelding116UBET Stradbroke Handicap12-y-o and upOpenDoombenAUS1485TurfSoftBen MelhamLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2018-09-29Santa Ana Lane AUS6gelding18Santos Coffee Premiere Stakes23-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1320TurfGoodBen MelhamLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2020-04-04Santa Ana Lane AUS8gelding212T J Smith Stakes12-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1320TurfSoftTimothy ClarkLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2018-05-19Santa Ana Lane AUS6gelding120Darley Goodwood13-y-o and upOpenMorphettvilleAUS1320TurfGood To SoftBen MelhamLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2019-10-05Santa Ana Lane AUS7gelding211Gilgai Stakes23-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1320TurfGoodMark ZahraLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2019-04-28Santa Ana Lane AUS7gelding49The Chairman's Sprint Prize13-y-o and upOpenSha TinHK1320TurfGoodHugh BowmanLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2019-10-19Santa Ana Lane AUS7gelding212The Everest12-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1320TurfGoodMark ZahraLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2018-09-01Santa Ana Lane AUS6gelding512Moniek And Susanne Sambor Heath 110034-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1210TurfGoodBen MelhamLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2020-05-16Santa Ana Lane AUS8gelding614The Furphy Goodwood13-y-o and upOpenMorphettvilleAUS1320TurfGood To SoftDamien ThorntonLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2020-04-18Santa Ana Lane AUS8gelding614Schweppes All Aged Stakes12-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1540TurfGoodTimothy ClarkLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2017-12-02Santa Ana Lane AUS5gelding612Crown Perth-Winterbottom Stakes13-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1320TurfGoodDean YendallLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2018-05-05Santa Ana Lane AUS6gelding311AAMI D C McKay Stakes32-y-o and upOpenMorphettvilleAUS1210TurfGood To SoftMark ZahraLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2019-11-09Santa Ana Lane AUS7gelding59Darley Sprint Classic12-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1320TurfGoodMark ZahraLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2017-10-01Santa Ana Lane AUS5gelding114Keno Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes12-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1540TurfGoodDean YendallLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2020-03-07Santa Ana Lane AUS8gelding68Hyland Race Colours Challenge Stakes23-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1100TurfGood To SoftMark ZahraLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2018-10-13Santa Ana Lane AUS6gelding612The Everest12-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1320TurfHeavyBen MelhamLope De VegaAnthony Freedman
2016-08-27Santa Ana Lane AUS4gelding312The Resimax Stakes34-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1210TurfGoodDwayne DunnLope De VegaAnthony Freedman