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None Stuart S Janney Iii

Ranked Stuart S Janney Iii Results – last three years

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireTrainer
2013-04-12Data Link USA5horse25Maker's 46 Mile Stakes14-y-o and upOpenKeenelandUSA1760TurfFirmJavier CastellanoWar FrontClaude McGaughey III
2012-11-24Data Link USA4horse17Citation Handicap23-y-o and upOpenHollywood ParkUSA1870TurfFirmG K GomezWar FrontClaude McGaughey III
2012-08-04Hymn Book USA6gelding49Whitney Invitational Handicap13-y-o and upOpenSaratogaUSA1980DirtFastJohn R VelazquezArchClaude McGaughey III
2011-11-26Hymn Book USA5gelding26Cigar Mile Handicap13-y-o and upOpenAqueductUSA1760DirtFastAlan GarciaArchClaude McGaughey III
2012-07-07Hymn Book USA6gelding27Suburban Handicap23-y-o and upOpenBelmont ParkUSA1980DirtFastAlan GarciaArchClaude McGaughey III
2012-02-11Hymn Book USA6gelding111Donn Handicap14-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1980DirtGoodJohn R VelazquezArchClaude McGaughey III
2012-09-08Air Support USA4horse15Bowling Green Stakes23-y-o and upOpenBelmont ParkUSA2200TurfGoodJohn R VelazquezSmart StrikeClaude McGaughey III
2011-07-17Air Support USA3horse112Virginia Derby23-y-oOpenColonial DownsUSA2200TurfFirmAlex O SolisSmart StrikeClaude McGaughey III
2012-05-18Hymn Book USA6gelding59Pimlico Special Stakes33-y-o and upOpenPimlicoUSA2090DirtFastJohn R VelazquezArchClaude McGaughey III
2016-10-08Ironicus USA5horse211Shadwell Turf Mile Stakes13-y-o and upOpenKeenelandUSA1760TurfFirmJose L OrtizDistorted HumorClaude McGaughey III
2016-06-11Ironicus USA5horse29Woodford Reserve Manhattan Stakes14-y-o and upOpenBelmont ParkUSA2200TurfFirmJose L OrtizDistorted HumorClaude McGaughey III
2016-11-05Ironicus USA5horse414Breeders' Cup Mile13-y-o and upOpenSanta AnitaUSA1760TurfFirmJose L OrtizDistorted HumorClaude McGaughey III
2012-04-13Data Link USA4horse16Maker's 46 Miles Stakes14-y-o and upOpenKeenelandUSA1760TurfFirmAlex O SolisWar FrontClaude McGaughey III
2012-07-07Air Support USA4horse27United Nations Stakes13-y-o and upOpenMonmouth ParkUSA2420TurfFirmAlex O SolisSmart StrikeClaude McGaughey III
2013-02-23Data Link USA5horse110Canadian Turf Stakes34-y-o and upOpenGulfstream ParkUSA1760TurfFirmJavier CastellanoWar FrontClaude McGaughey III
2016-05-07Ironicus USA5horse17Fort Marcy Stakes34-y-o and upOpenBelmont ParkUSA1980TurfYieldingJose L OrtizDistorted HumorClaude McGaughey III
2012-05-05Data Link USA4horse511Woodford Reserve Turf Classic14-y-o and upOpenChurchill DownsUSA1980TurfGoodAlex O SolisWar FrontClaude McGaughey III
2015-05-16Ironicus USA4horse113Longines Dixie Stakes23-y-o and upOpenPimlicoUSA1870TurfFirmJavier CastellanoDistorted HumorClaude McGaughey III
2012-09-01Data Link USA4horse26Bernard Baruch Handicap23-y-o and upOpenSaratogaUSA1870TurfFirmJohn R VelazquezWar FrontClaude McGaughey III
2015-09-07Ironicus USA4horse17Bernard Baruch Handicap23-y-o and upOpenSaratogaUSA1870TurfFirmJavier CastellanoDistorted HumorClaude McGaughey III