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None P & Mrs E Dickmann Et Al

Ranked P & Mrs E Dickmann Et Al Results – last three years

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireTrainer
2015-10-10Happy Trails AUS8gelding28Ladbrokes Caulfield Stakes13-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS2200TurfGoodMark ZahraGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2014-11-01Happy Trails AUS7gelding114Longines Mackinnon Stakes13-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodDamien OliverGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2014-10-25Happy Trails AUS7gelding614Sportingbet Cox Plate13-y-o and upOpenMoonee ValleyAUS2244TurfGoodDamien OliverGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2015-10-04Happy Trails AUS8gelding1015Yellowglen Turnbull Stakes14-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodDwayne DunnGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2014-10-11Happy Trails AUS7gelding512Cathay Pacific Caulfield Stakes13-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS2200TurfGoodDamien OliverGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2015-09-12Happy Trails AUS8gelding514Makybe Diva Stakes13-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1760TurfGoodGlen BossGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2014-09-20Happy Trails AUS7gelding210Hyland Race Colours Underwood Stakes13-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1980TurfGoodMichael RoddGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2016-03-12Happy Trails AUS9gelding710Australian Cup13-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodDwayne DunnGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2015-04-06Happy Trails AUS8gelding1220The Star Doncaster Mile13-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS1760TurfSoftDamien OliverGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2016-02-13Happy Trails AUS9gelding1018Ladbrokes C.F. Orr Stakes13-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1540TurfGoodJamie KahGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2014-10-04Happy Trails AUS7gelding1416Turnbull Stakes14-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodMichael RoddGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2015-03-14Happy Trails AUS8gelding316Australian Cup12-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodDamien OliverGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2016-02-27Happy Trails AUS9gelding713Crown Golden Ale Peter Young Stakes22-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1980TurfGoodJamie KahGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2015-02-28Happy Trails AUS8gelding213Crown Golden Ale Peter Young Stakes23-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1980TurfGoodDamien OliverGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2016-09-10Happy Trails AUS9gelding813Makybe Diva Stakes13-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1760TurfGood To SoftBen MelhamGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2014-08-30Happy Trails AUS7gelding811New Zealand Bloodstock Memsie Stakes13-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1540TurfGoodMichael RoddGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2016-04-09Happy Trails AUS9gelding514Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes13-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS2200TurfGood To SoftDwayne DunnGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2016-10-02Happy Trails AUS9gelding512Yellowglen Turnbull Stakes14-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodBen MelhamGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2015-04-11Happy Trails AUS8gelding712Longines Queen Elizabeth Stakes13-y-o and upOpenRandwickAUS2200TurfSoftDamien OliverGood JourneyPaul Beshara
2016-10-22Happy Trails AUS9gelding1010William Hill Cox Plate13-y-o and upOpenMoonee ValleyAUS2244TurfGood To SoftBen MelhamGood JourneyPaul Beshara