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None Fantastic Five Syndicate

Ranked Fantastic Five Syndicate Results – last three years

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireTrainer
2017-11-05Horse Of Fortune7gelding414The Sa Sa Ladies' Purse33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1980TurfGood To FirmK C LeungStrongholdA T Millard
2017-06-25Horse Of Fortune7gelding15Premier Plate33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1980TurfGood To FirmCallan MurrayStrongholdA T Millard
2017-12-10Horse Of Fortune7gelding614Longines Hong Kong Mile13-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1760TurfGoodUmberto RispoliStrongholdA T Millard
2017-11-19Horse Of Fortune7gelding712The BOCHK Wealth Management Jockey Club Mile23-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1760TurfGoodDouglas Whyte**StrongholdA T Millard
2018-02-04Horse Of Fortune8gelding47The Centenary Vase33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1980TurfGoodAlexis BadelStrongholdA T Millard
2018-01-28Horse Of Fortune8gelding1213The Stewards' Cup13-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1760TurfGoodNash RawillerStrongholdA T Millard
2017-04-09Horse Of Fortune7gelding99Chairman's Trophy23-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1760TurfGood To FirmKei K ChiongStrongholdA T Millard
2018-11-18Horse Of Fortune8gelding59Bochk Jockey Club Cup23-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong2200TurfGoodW M LaiStrongholdC H Yip
2018-11-04Horse Of Fortune8gelding69The Sa Sa Ladies' Purse33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1980TurfGoodW M LaiStrongholdC H Yip
2018-06-24Horse Of Fortune8gelding68Premier Plate33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1980TurfGoodKaris TeetanStrongholdA T Millard
2019-01-27Horse Of Fortune9gelding79Centenary Vase33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1980TurfGoodW M LaiStrongholdC H Yip
2018-10-01Horse Of Fortune8gelding1214The Celebration Cup33-y-o and upOpenSha TinHong Kong1540TurfGoodCallan MurrayStrongholdC H Yip