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None Est Late R A Horton

Ranked Est Late R A Horton Results – last three years

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireTrainer
2018-03-10Saint Emilion7gelding110Bonecrusher New Zealand Stakes13-y-o and upOpenEllerslieNZ2200TurfGoodLeith InnesMastercraftsmanMurray Baker & Andrew Forsman
2017-10-22Saint Emilion6gelding414Livamol Classic13-y-o and upOpenHastingsNZ2244TurfGoodMichael McNabMastercraftsmanMurray Baker & Andrew Forsman
2016-12-26Saint Emilion5gelding412Zabeel Classic13-y-o and upOpenEllerslieNZ2200TurfGoodDanielle JohnsonMastercraftsmanMurray Baker & Andrew Forsman
2017-02-11Saint Emilion6gelding610Herbie Dyke Stakes13-y-o and upOpenTe RapaNZ2200TurfGoodDanielle JohnsonMastercraftsmanMurray Baker & Andrew Forsman
2016-10-01Saint Emilion5gelding716Livamol Classic13-y-o and upOpenHastingsNZ2244TurfHeavyDanielle JohnsonMastercraftsmanMurray Baker & Andrew Forsman
2019-02-09Saint Emilion8gelding69Herbie Dyke Stakes13-y-o and upOpenTe RapaNZ2200TurfGoodJonathan RiddellMastercraftsmanMurray Baker & Andrew Forsman
2019-03-09Saint Emilion8gelding610Bonecrusher New Zealand Stakes13-y-o and upOpenEllerslieNZ2200TurfHeavyJonathan RiddellMastercraftsmanMurray Baker & Andrew Forsman
2018-12-26Saint Emilion7gelding67Cambridge Stud Zabeel Classic14-y-o and upOpenEllerslieNZ2200TurfHeavyJonathan RiddellMastercraftsmanMurray Baker & Andrew Forsman
2018-10-06Saint Emilion7gelding1313Livamol Classic14-y-o and upOpenHastingsNZ2244TurfGoodLeith InnesMastercraftsmanMurray Baker & Andrew Forsman