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None Distinct Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd

Ranked Distinct Racing & Breeding Pty Ltd Results – last three years

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingJockeySireTrainer
2018-10-27Trap For Fools AUS5gelding215McCafe Moonee Valley Gold Cup24-y-o and upOpenMoonee ValleyAUS2750TurfGoodDean YendallPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2018-11-10Trap For Fools AUS5gelding110Seppelt Mackinnon Stakes13-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodJohn AllenPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2019-02-23Trap For Fools AUS6gelding211Carlton Draught Peter Young Stakes22-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1980TurfGoodJohn AllenPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2019-03-09Trap For Fools AUS6gelding315TAB Australian Cup13-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodJohn AllenPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2018-12-08Trap For Fools AUS5gelding614Magic Millions-Kingston Town Classic13-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1980TurfGoodDamien OliverPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2019-09-29Trap For Fools AUS6gelding712Hyland Race Colours Underwood Stakes13-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1980TurfGoodPeter HallPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2020-08-08Great Again AUS8gelding28Aurie's Star Handicap32-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS1320TurfSoftDeclan BatesViscountLindsey Smith
2019-10-05Trap For Fools AUS6gelding1111TAB Turnbull Stakes14-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodPeter HallPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2020-07-25Great Again AUS8gelding38The Big Screen Company Bletchingly Stakes32-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1320TurfGoodMichael RoddViscountLindsey Smith
2019-09-07Trap For Fools AUS6gelding1115Ladbrokes Feehan Stakes22-y-o and upOpenMoonee ValleyAUS1760TurfGoodPeter HallPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2018-10-06Trap For Fools AUS5gelding510Tab Turnbull Stakes14-y-o and upOpenFlemingtonAUS2200TurfGoodBen AllenPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2019-02-09Trap For Fools AUS6gelding510JC Swift HODGES TS Carlyon Cup34-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1760TurfGoodDamien OliverPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2019-08-17Trap For Fools AUS6gelding911P.B. Lawrence Stakes23-y-o and upOpenCaulfieldAUS1540TurfGood To SoftDamian LanePoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2018-01-01Trap For Fools AUS5gelding616Tabtouch-Perth Cup23-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS2640TurfGoodAlan KennedyPoet's VoiceLindsey Smith
2017-04-08Trap For Fools AUS4gelding1215Schweppes-W.A.T.C. Derby23-y-oOpenAscot (aus)AUS2640TurfGoodPeter KnuckeyPoet's VoiceLindsey Smith
2020-01-04Eye Art AUS8mare68Mrs Mac's-La Trice Classic33-y-o and upFillies and maresAscot (aus)AUS1980TurfGoodJarrad NoskeCeltusLindsey Smith
2018-09-28Trap For Fools AUS5gelding79Drinkwise JRA Cup33-y-o and upOpenMoonee ValleyAUS1760TurfGoodBrad RawillerPoet's VoiceJarrod McLean
2018-11-17Great Again AUS6gelding910R.J. Peters Stakes33-y-o and upOpenAscot (aus)AUS1650TurfGoodLucy WarwickViscountLindsey Smith