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None Thierry Thulliez

Ranked Thierry Thulliez Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingSireOwnerTrainer
2011-10-02Silver Pond FR4horse816Qatar Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe13-y-o and upColts and filliesLongchampFR2640TurfGoodAct OneHaras Du QuesnayCarlos Laffon-Parias
2013-05-12Style Vendome FR3horse118Poule d'Essai des Poulains13-y-oColtsLongchampFR1760TurfGoodAnabaaComte A De Ganay & C B BailletN Clement
2016-07-03Garlingari FR5gelding511Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud14-y-o and upOpenSaint CloudFR2640TurfGoodLinngariMme Corine Barande BarbeMme C Barande-Barbe
2014-05-11Prestige Vendome FR3horse212Poule d'Essai des Poulains13-y-oColtsLongchampFR1760TurfGood To SoftOrpenComte A De Ganay & C B Baillet & G ParienteN Clement
2011-05-05Celtic Celeb IRE4gelding67Prix D'Hedouville34-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR2640TurfGoodPeintre CelebreHenri De PracomtalF Doumen
2016-08-15Garlingari FR5gelding35Prix Gontaut-Biron Hong Kong Jockey Club34-y-o and upOpenDeauvilleFR2200TurfGoodLinngariMme Corine Barande BarbeMme C Barande-Barbe
2012-09-09Blue Soave FR4gelding112Prix du Pin33-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR1540TurfGoodSoaveMlle K Belluteau & Mme C GustaveF Chappet
2013-08-15Zhiyi USA3gelding39Prix Guillaume D'Ornano Haras Du Logis Saint-Germain23-y-oOpenDeauvilleFR2200TurfGoodHenrythenavigatorNiarchos FamilyPascal Bary
2013-10-06Sahawar FR3horse1117Qatar Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe13-y-o and upColts and filliesLongchampFR2640TurfSoftDark AngelSimon SpringerC Ferland
2014-06-01Now We Can GB5horse28Grand Prix de Chantilly24-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR2640TurfGoodMartilloWinfried Engelbrecht BresgesN Clement
2013-11-03Feuerblitz GER4horse18Premio Roma GBI Racing13-y-o and upOpenCapannelleITY2200TurfGood To SoftBig ShuffleStall EivissaMichael Figge
2014-05-25Neatico GER7horse56Prix d'Ispahan14-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR2035TurfSoftMediceanGestut IttlingenP Schiergen
2012-05-13Californiavitality FR3gelding212Poule D'Essai Des Poulains13-y-oColtsLongchampFR1760TurfGood To SoftPanisSimon SpringerB De Montzey
2014-04-27Joshua Tree IRE7horse58Prix Ganay14-y-o and upOpenLongchampFR2310TurfVery SoftMontjeuK K Al Nabooda & K AlbahouEd Dunlop
2014-10-05Full Mast USA2colt19Qatar Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere12-y-oColts and filliesLongchampFR1540TurfGoodMizzen MastJuddmonte Farms / Prince Khalid AbdullaMme C Head-Maarek
2013-04-04Style Vendome FR3horse18Prix Djebel33-y-oColts and geldingsMaisons LaffitteFR1540TurfGood To SoftAnabaaComte A De Ganay & C B BailletN Clement
2016-06-16Mille Et Mille GB6gelding417Gold Cup In Honour of The Queen's 90th Birthday14-y-o and upOpenAscotGB4400TurfSoftMuhtathirNicolas SaltielC Lerner
2014-11-08Epicuris GB2colt16Criterium de Saint-Cloud12-y-oColts and filliesSaint CloudFR2200TurfHeavyRail LinkJuddmonte Farms / Prince Khalid AbdullaMme C Head-Maarek
2013-06-02Now We Can GB4horse19Grand Prix de Chantilly24-y-o and upOpenChantillyFR2640TurfGood To SoftMartilloWinfried Engelbrecht BresgesN Clement
2013-11-01Prestige Vendome FR2horse34Criterium International12-y-oColts and filliesSaint CloudFR1760TurfVery SoftOrpenComte A De Ganay & C B Baillet & G ParienteN Clement