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None K Zechner

Ranked K Zechner Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingSireOwnerTrainer
2017-07-15Bull Valley SAF5gelding114Mercury Sprint12-y-o and upOpenGreyvilleSAF1320TurfGoodToreadorPcs (pty) Ltd & Messrs G L Blank, Z L Nassif & J SarkisSean Tarry
2018-12-01Dawn Assault SAF5horse218G-Bets Gauteng Summer Cup12-y-o and upOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF2200TurfGoodCall To CombatSt John D GrayS J Gray
2018-07-28Trip To Heaven SAF7gelding314Mercury Sprint13-y-o and upOpenGreyvilleSAF1320TurfGoodTrippiC J H Van Niekerk Et AlSean Tarry
2016-04-02Abashiri SAF4gelding114S A Classic13-y-oOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF1980TurfGoodGo DeputyA & Mrs F J Van VuurenM & A Azzie
2016-07-02Abashiri SAF4gelding1318Vodacom Durban July13-y-o and upOpenGreyvilleSAF2420TurfGoodGo DeputyA & Mrs F J Van VuurenM & A Azzie
2016-04-30Rivarine SAF3colt29S A Nursery12-y-oOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF1276TurfGoodVarA & Mrs F J Van VuurenM & A Azzie
2016-04-30Abashiri SAF4gelding111S A Derby13-y-oOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF2695TurfGoodGo DeputyA & Mrs F J Van VuurenM & A Azzie
2016-07-31Judicial SAF6gelding214Mike and Carol Bass Champions Cup12-y-o and upOpenGreyvilleSAF1980TurfSoftMiesque's ApprovalK P & Mrs N M Backos & S F G HabibT Zackey
2017-11-26Abashiri SAF5gelding819Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup13-y-o and upOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF2200TurfGood To SoftGo DeputyH HaralambousM & A Azzie
2017-05-06Doing It For Dan SAF6gelding916Computaform Sprint12-y-o and upOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF1100TurfGoodWindrushAnthony MarounL W Goosen
2018-05-05Golden Man SAF7gelding1616Computaform Sprint12-y-o and upOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF1100TurfGoodLateralJ A Maroun & G J MarounGrant Maroun
2016-05-28Liege SAF4horse1016Daily News 200013-y-oOpenGreyvilleSAF2200TurfGoodDynastyMayfair Speculators Et AlSean Tarry
2016-04-02Afrikaburn SAF5gelding510H F Oppenheimer Horse Chestnut Stakes13-y-o and upOpenTurffontein StandsideSAF1760TurfGoodTrippiAlfredo Leonardo Arnaldo CrabbiaGavin Van Zyl
2014-02-01Royal Zulu Warrior AUS8gelding1118J&B Met14-y-o and upOpenKenilworthSAF2200TurfGoodMossmanRoy MoodleyK Naidoo
2018-05-26Topmast SAF3colt1216Tsogo Sun Gold Medallion12-y-oOpenScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodSail From SeattleMr & Mrs C R Stonebridge Et AlDorrie Sham
2016-04-16Intergalactic SAF4mare39L Jaffee Empress Club Stakes13-y-o and upFillies and maresTurffontein StandsideSAF1760TurfGoodKahalC J H Van Niekerk Et AlSean Tarry
2018-05-26Myfunnyvalentine SAF5mare1516South African Fillies Sprint12-y-o and upFillies and maresScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodCaptain AlM E Leaf & Klawervlei Stud (pty) LtdSean Tarry
2014-11-29Judicial SAF4gelding319Gauteng Sansui Summer Cup13-y-o and upOpenTurffonteinSAF2200TurfGoodMiesque's ApprovalK P & Mrs N M Backos & S F G HabibT Zackey
2016-06-04Rivarine SAF3colt310Tsogo Sun Gold Medallion12-y-oOpenScottsvilleSAF1320TurfGoodVarA & Mrs F J Van VuurenM & A Azzie
2018-07-28Perfect Tigress SAF3filly914Thekwini Stakes12-y-oFilliesGreyvilleSAF1760TurfGoodWhere's That TigerJ Sarkis, G L Blank Et AlM & A Azzie