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453 Jesse M Campbell

Ranked Jesse M Campbell Results

DateHorse NameHorse AgeHorse SexPositionRanRace NameRace GradeRace AgeRace SexCourseCountryDistanceSurfaceGoingSireOwnerTrainer
2012-04-01Nates Mineshaft USA5rig18New Orleans Handicap24-y-o and upOpenFair GroundsUSA1980DirtFastMineshaftWindy Hill FarmAustin Smith
2012-05-28Nates Mineshaft USA5rig18Lone Star Park Handicap33-y-o and upOpenLone Star ParkUSA1870DirtFastMineshaftWindy Hill FarmAustin Smith
2011-11-12Straight Story USA5horse110Autumn Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1870PolytrackFastGiant's CausewayRichard SantulliAlan E Goldberg
2012-02-25Nates Mineshaft USA5rig16Mineshaft Handicap34-y-o and upOpenFair GroundsUSA1870DirtFastMineshaftWindy Hill FarmAustin Smith
2013-07-18Essence Hit Man CAN6gelding16Bold Venture Stakes33-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1430PolytrackFastSpeightstownA & G Racing StableLarry Cappuccitti
2011-11-19Essence Hit Man CAN4gelding16Kennedy Road Stakes33-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1320PolytrackFastSpeightstownThe Estate Of Audre Cappuccitti & Gordon CappuccittiAudre Cappuccitti
2011-03-26Apart USA4horse28New Orleans Handicap24-y-o and upOpenFair GroundsUSA1980DirtFastFlatterAdele B DilschneiderAlbert M Stall Jr
2012-07-19Essence Hit Man CAN5gelding15Bold Venture Stakes33-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1430PolytrackFastSpeightstownThe Estate Of Audre Cappuccitti & Gordon CappuccittiAudre Cappuccitti
2012-06-24Essence Hit Man CAN5gelding29Highlander Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1320TurfFirmSpeightstownThe Estate Of Audre Cappuccitti & Gordon CappuccittiAudre Cappuccitti
2011-09-10Jenny's So Great CAN4mare512Presque Isle Downs Masters23-y-o and upFillies and maresPresque Isle DownsUSA1430TapetaFastGreatnessBill & Vicki PostonDaniel M O'Callaghan
2016-07-31Lady Shipman USA4mare19Royal North Stakes33-y-o and upFillies and maresWoodbineCAN1320TurfFirmMidshipmanRanlo Investments LLCKiaran McLaughlin
2012-10-06Cease USA5gelding26Hawthorne Gold Cup Handicap23-y-o and upOpenHawthorneUSA2200DirtFastWar ChantMi Amore Stables, LLCAlbert M Stall Jr
2011-08-21Hailstone USA4horse35Sky Classic23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN2200TurfGoodCity ZipWoodford Racing LLC & Westrock Stables LLCMark Casse
2011-07-24Hailstone USA4horse36Nijinsky Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1980TurfYieldingCity ZipWoodford Racing LLC & Westrock Stables LLCMark Casse
2017-07-02Go Bro CAN6gelding19King Edward Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1760TurfFirmProud CitizenGustav SchickedanzMichael Keogh
2011-02-19Apart USA4horse36Mineshaft Handicap34-y-o and upOpenFair GroundsUSA1870DirtFastFlatterAdele B DilschneiderAlbert M Stall Jr
2012-05-26Mister Marti Gras USA5gelding211Eclipse Stakes34-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1870PolytrackFastBelong To MeLothenbach Stables IncChris Block
2015-06-07Midnight Aria CAN5horse25Eclipse Stakes24-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1870PolytrackFastMidnight LuteTucci StablesNicholas Gonzalez
2019-10-12City Boy CAN5gelding19Nearctic Stakes23-y-o and upOpenWoodbineCAN1320TurfYieldingCity ZipThe Estate Of Gustav Schickedanz & Donald HowardMichael Keogh
2013-07-07Solid Appeal USA4mare110Dance Smartly Stakes23-y-o and upFillies and maresWoodbineCAN1980TurfGoodSuccessful AppealJim & Susan HillReade Baker